Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Planting Seeds

Monday night we planted seeds for our garden. The kids have been really anxious about this, and super excited to be part of a summer-long veggie-growing experience.  They were so excited when we brought out each seed packet, explained what it was, and then had them plant it in the soil.  "Jalapenos! Yes! I love jalapenos! I'm going to eat 17 of them!"

Here are the girls, watering their soil after they planted some different varieties of seeds.  We used TP rolls to separate the plants, so that after they sprout, we can take each one and transplant it into our garden beds.  They used popsicle sticks to write the names of each plant as well.

The boys also helped, and loved taking two seeds each for every hole they pushed open with their fingers.  They really liked the difference in seeds. Some were huge (squash) and others were super duper tiny (lettuce).

Each veggie was given six little sections, where two seeds were planted in each section.  We hope they grow!


courtney said...

I hope you get a ton of Jalapinios! Nice job Heath, sorry you didn't go further but I still think you are a great singer!

Kadie Dahl said...

Looks like so much fun! I can't wait until I can settle down long enough to have my own garden : )

Colleen said...

Good luck little seeds!

Jude said...

I really must find time to plant some sees this year - since I started full-time work my garden has taken second place, and you reminded me how much I miss it. Jude.x