Saturday, May 26, 2012

The April Facebook Edition

April Facebook Status:

Keaton went through our first aid kit, to see what he wanted to include in his own little first aid kit he needed for scouts. Among the emergency flare, tweezers, bug spray and other odd assortments, he included "some little dabbers so you can dab the medicine around". Should I tell him the little dabbers are ob tampons?

I found the secret to getting Kimble to walk to the door (instead of run out into the street) when my hands are full of groceries. I give him the keys to the front door. He runs right up and tries to unlock the door. It's amazing. I'm a genius.

I just turned on Backyardigans for Kimble. When he heard it, he came running in from the other room and immediately "fist bumped" me with excitement.

Favorite time of day: The calm and peaceful quiet I get for two hours a day when Kimble naps and the other kids are at school. Heaven.

The Husband is playing/wrestling with the kids. From the other room, it sounds like he is torturing them. However, they must be having fun because they keep coming back for more.

New rule enlisted: No lunch until you show me your church clothes hung up on a hanger.

Everyone's clothes are hung up! Miracle.

Keaton told me when he grows up, he only wants two kids. "I just don't think I can handle five kids, mom." I told him he was welcome to have as many or few as he wanted to.

Kimble is at the age where he wants to keep his beloved and most treasured items within reach, in his pants pockets. This week's assortment includes an oversized button, a scrabble tile, and a drill bit (which he was most unhappy when I confiscated said item).

Keaton's school field trip today has him riding the bus two hours each way. He brought a second book for his best friend, so that his friend could "read amazing stories" instead of playing with his electronic toys. I'm so glad Keaton finally understands that, instead of feeling deprived of all the fun stuff, which is how Kolby feels

I had Keaton create our menu this week, for a scout requirement. He did pretty good! Spaghetti, meatloaf, pancakes, soup, tacos, Parmesan chicken, lettuce wraps and turkey sliders.

Making cookies for the kids, to celebrate friday. Maybe they will like me for the rest of the day.

Unbeknownst to me, both the boys and my girls switched around their bedrooms today by moving their beds to a new wall. They have officially become My Children.

I'm going to miss Keaton's sweet soprano voice when he goes through puberty.

"Mom, I took out the garbage!" Kolby said with a smile. That's when I knew something was up. He had thrown away his homework for today. No homework to do means more time to play...right? WRONG.

Keaton and Kolby have been battling since they got home from school. They were sent to clean their bedroom, and haven't been kind to each other. I went down there to check things out and found Keaton lying halfway under his bed. I thought he was cleaning out under his bed, so I said "Keaton, what's under there?" His dramatic reply: "Nothing...nothing but a sad kid who got hurt by his brother!"

I love how Kimble gives me random kisses throughout the day. Just now, I received a sweet little kiss on my elbow.

Kamy brought her scriptures to school, to read between schoolwork. As she was reading, one of her teachers said to her "You know what's so great about that, Kamy? Not only do you read them, but you live it too!" What a great example she is being.

I think I just broke three toes by stubbing them into my office chair. I seriously had to do 'labor' breathing for five minutes, it hurt so bad!

"Big Baby" from Toy Story 3 completely freaks Kimble out. I had to calm him down and turn off the movie after Big Baby and Lotso showed their true colors.

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