Saturday, May 26, 2012

The February Facebook Edition

February Facebook Status:

"So what are you gonna do today, Napoleon?" I ask The Husband, as he's getting ready for work. It is even made more accurate by the fact that he has a work friend named Pedro.

Kamy came home from school demonstrating a mixture if wonder and awe. She comes up to me with big eyes and says "mom, a friend at school gave me something amazing." Then, with reverence, she pulls forth from her pocket a can of 7-up. "It's called soda!"

My washing machine sounds like its a belching sea monster.

Kimble has turned into a screaming maniac. He has also decided to throw his metal trains with full force, at church. I'm so glad nobody got hit. Must've been some good defensive angels guarding the congregation today.

Seriously the most idiotic people in the world are those who think it's fine to stop in a traffic line over the railroad tracks. So stupid, especially in our train-ridden little town!

My cashier at Walmart asked me what I was getting/doing for Valentine's Day. I told her "Just staying in with my family." She looked at me with sympathy and said "oh, you are single." I said I was married. Then she said "Oh, so you aren't getting anything?" I said "I don't need anything. I have my family." Then she stopped talking.

No school for the kids tomorrow (Parent/teacher conferences). You know what this means? It means that Kimble will be up at 5:30am

I'm solving my always-cold-symptom by wearing my fleece robe over my clothes. Hmmm. Much warmer now. Anyone need me to run errands for them? I'm all dressed up for walmart.

Kids get home in seven minutes. Guess it's too late for a nap.

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