Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Italian Digression

Last week the kids were excited about a carnival that would be happening after school one day.  In order to promote enthusiasm and support for the planned carnival, the teachers announced to their students that they could dress up if they wanted.

Still pining for the curly Q hairy chest and the artfully applied mustaches from our Italian night a few weeks ago, both the boys wanted to wear their pseudo facial and chest hair to school on Carnival day.  I was happy to oblige, especially since in their excitement, they did their morning chores quickly and with good attitudes, so they could have time to get it drawn on.

They left for school looking quite dapper, both of them having slicked back their hair as well as put on button down shirts that seemed worthy of Italian style.

They had a great day, which I asked them about as soon as they walked in the door after school, but left to their own devices at school, having found out that eyebrow pencil wipes off too easily, they used lead from some thick art pencils to recreate the effect.

So apparently instead of my boys looking Italian suave, they had a bit of a digression, but that didn't stop them from enjoying their day with an extra boost of manliness.


courtney said...

I just started giggling when I saw the mustache digression.

And Eli told me that his best friend is Keaton, "cause I just like hiiimmmmmm...." He hardly had any time with Keaton and Kolby but Eli talks about them all the time.

Jude said...

LOL. I just love your boys..... how inventive! :-D Jude.x