Saturday, May 26, 2012

The January Facebook Edition

In years past, when I've made my blog books for every year that I've written a blog, I have included all of the facebook posts I have written, as an addition in the back of the blog book.  Last year, when I tried to do the same thing, facebook wouldn't let me use the same feature to copy/paste  all my status updates (I used a year in status program, and when it got to the part where you are supposed to click on the specific statuses that you wanted included in your 'year of status', I just copied all of them, pasted it into a word document, and then edited it...then copied it into my blog book format before I printed it.)  Anyway, when I tried to do that again, it wouldn't do it.

So because I get quite a chuckle out of some of my facebook posts, and because there is a lot of statements I make on facebook that never make it into a blog post, I decided not to wait the entire year before I try to copy/paste the status updates into my blog book.  Thus, we begin the monthly facebook edition of status updates.  (Not all status updates are included.  I've made it a personal choice to be very limited with my facebook friends, so I've copied only the posts that I would feel comfortable making a blog post about.)  This is more for my record-keeping benefit, but I think you'll enjoy it too.

January Facebook Status Updates:

It's a sad day when all the kids get grounded for two months.

Today, Keaton decided his is narrating his own book. So at dinner, he said: "Could you pass more sauce please", Keaton said hungrily.

Just got done with the DMV in less than three minutes. That's got to be a record.

I was just on the phone with the customer service subscription lady for my newspaper, trying to figure out why my papers aren't getting delivered. I guess I had too many questions, because before I could ask another one, she interrupted me and said "Thank you for calling. Have a great day. Goodbye." and then she hung up.

I think I should take dancing lessons from the Backyardigans.

Why do people in windowless vans always look like they are up to no good?

Frustrated by the fact that we should have ikea plastic cups bursting from our cupboards, and yet, there aren't any to be seen, I sent my kids on a scavenger hunt around our priorly-believed-to-be-clean-h​ouse. All the prepositions were covered (in, around, under, beside...). The kids brought me 37 items (24 of which were ikea cups), and most of which were found in and around their bedrooms and bathroom.

Mr. Kimble closes his eyes real tight and squinty, when he is doing something he knows he shouldn't. Unfortunately, as he's making his getaway, he often will run into the wall...because his eyes are squinty shut!

I took my itouch away from Mr. Kimble, and put it in my robe pocket. I don't know how, but he managed to pick pocket me without me knowing, and is now listening to "Mercy" in the other room.

Is it inherent in boys to grab a metal fork, and then walk over to the outlet and try to shove the prongs in the holes? Kimble just did that. How would he ever get that idea? Seriously? Nobody goes around shoving forks into outlets in our house.

Kennedy and her neighbor friend are filling cups of water to quench their thirst. It's just a bit inconvenient when they have to leave their source of water (puddles in the middle of the road) when a car drives by.

Kimble figured out that if he pushes a kitchen chair over to the counter, he can get anything he wants. Ohhh boy.

We always tell the kids not to answer the door, unless we say it's ok first. Kennedy heard the doorbell ring, and we told her that she couldn't answer it. (Half the family is sick, and for the other half, the prospects don't look good.)  Kennedy went to the door, discovered it was the missionaries, and said "My dad said said to just go away."

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