Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

My little Georgie graduated from Kindergarten today!!  I can't believe that she is old enough to be a whole "grade" in school.  I lucked out when I arrived in the school gym before the graduation began.  I had a friend watching Kimble (because I wanted Kennedy to have my attention...and it was during Kimble's nap time) so I had my hands free to take pictures and clap for all the excited graduates! However, the reason I lucked out is because I got a front row seat (since it was just me, I wedged myself between two families into the extra seat separating them) and it happened to be right in front of where Georgie Kennedy ended up sitting.  Sweet!

Her teacher's name is Mrs. Havens and she is an idol in Kennedy's eyes.  Many a time I was called "Mrs. Havens" at home, by accident. I only wonder how many times Mrs. Havens got called "momma" at school.  Anyway, we love her and will miss her being our Kindergarten teacher.

Officially graduated!!  Whahooo!  She couldn't contain her excitement, it was so adorable.  After the ceremony, where they sang us songs and took turns getting their diplomas, they were free to get their report card, have a popsicle, and then leave school 30 minutes early!  She came home with me (after we picked up Kimble) and she went outside to try to ride her bike without training wheels....because she is such a big girl now.

In just a few short months, she'll be starting first grade.  Congratulations Kennedy!

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