Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lumpy Neck

Keaton is generally so well tempered.  He is thoughtful and kind and concerned about others.  In fact, during school, there was another student who sat by Keaton.  She accused him of stealing her pencil, which he didn't.  He was very adamant that he did not take her pencil, but if she wanted it he would give it to her.  She caused such drama, during school, and Keaton felt so attacked, that they had a talk with their teacher after school one day, and Keaton got to move his desk away from her.

He is very much like me, in the fact that even though he knew he had done nothing wrong, he still felt terrible about the fact that someone could accuse him of wrongdoing.  He is simply a really good kid, and I'm amazed at how responsible and well-intentioned he is.

A few weeks  ago, Keaton told me that his throat was hurting.  I thought he meant that the inside of his throat hurt, and told him that was normal, especially in the morning, when you wake up and your throat is dry.  He said "No mom, the pain isn't on the inside.  It's on the outside, on this big lump on my neck."  So I palpated his neck, and there was a really good size lump for sure.  It was tender to the touch, and also bothered him if he strained his neck one way or another.  He said he'd had it for about two months and it seemed to be getting bigger.

Not really one to go to the doctor that often (except for Kimble), we made an appointment with our pediatrician for the following week, during the school day.  Previously, Keaton had been super excited about the fact that he was in the running to get a new bike from the school. All the kids who hadn't missed any days of school would be entered into a drawing on the last day of school, to win a bike.  One bike for a girl, and one bike for a boy.  Keaton has been talking about the fact that his dad won't need to fix his current bike, because he was going to win a new bike.

I was worried about having his doctor's appointment during school, because that might mean that he wouldn't be in the running for a new bike anymore.  When I suggested this to Keaton, he said "Mom, bikes don't matter.  What really matters is being healthy." Such a sweet kid.

So when the day came for his appointment, he was already at school.  I checked him out, and said I'd check him in again when his appointment was over, so he wouldn't have to miss a day of school and he could still possibly win the bike.  We went to the appointment, and the doctor was very curious about the lump, the size of the lump, how long it had been there, and why it was there without previous sickness to give reason for the inflammation.

Curious about a lot of things, but not feeling that it was as serious as we dreaded, he sent Keaton for bloodwork, and started him on antibiotics 3x a day for 10 days, just in case it was an infected lymph node.

Keaton was nervous about the bloodwork, but handled it well.  After a few days, the bloodwork came back normal.  Keaton took his medicine three times a day (and he did it himself everyday...so nice to have a child responsible enough to take charge of that themselves!).  It took almost the entire 10 days before we noticed that the size of the lump was starting to decrease.  Thank goodness!

I'm sure glad Keaton is part of our family. He is an amazing boy!


Jen Sue Wild said...

Keaton is a sweet boy he is so much like my Robbie. I am glad his lumpy neck is better.

Colleen said...

What a sweetheart! I am so glad he's OK!