Saturday, May 26, 2012

The March Facebook Edition

March Facebook Status:

Overheard a judgemental lady at Walmart say, after glaring across the way at another mom struggling to manage her crying toddler, "I just cannot handle screaming kids. Ugh." I had two remarks enter my head. 1. You must not be a mother. Screaming happens....and 2. If you don't want to hear screaming kids, then you shouldn't be at Walmart.

When the kids and I were driving around today, they decided to play the license plate game. Kolby was shouting out states right and left. "License plate California! License plate Nevada! Licence plate Mississippi!" Since nobody could prove that he didn't see those state plates (to prove it, he'd say "it was the car that just passed us...too bad you missed it") he won the game by default.

Keaton just told me that in his opinion, I am "The best mom in the world" and about an hour ago, Kamy said "Mom, you are such a nice mom and the best cook ever". Boy, having older kids who say things like that make it much easier to get through the harder moments that the younger kids present.

Kennedy, commenting post-dinner: "I am stuffed! I ate like a pig. (pause) no, I ate a pig! haha" (we had pork).

According to Kennedy, my voice is "crooked".

Keaton wishes his name was Peter.

Kamy peeled 12 potatoes for dinner. I came into the kitchen to dice them, only to have them nowhere to be found....Kimble threw them all in the trash.

It's after 10pm and I'm still waiting on Kolby to get his homework done. Procrastination is really biting him in the butt tonight.

Flipping through Kennedy's school work, I came across a paper she wrote. It reads: "I will tell you about three products that come from a cow. First, milk comes from a cow. Second, meat comes from a cow. Second, meat comes from a cow. Second, meat comes from a cow." Guess she ran out of steam towards the end...

The high chair is gone. Kimble will only eat at the table. He either stands up on the chair, or he will sit down and be too low for the table, but he won't let me prop him up with a phone book, no matter how fancy and new it is. For what other reason do they distribute phone books anymore?

Kimble is lying on his tummy, generously licking powdered sugar off the kitchen floor. Anyone want mothering advice from me?

"No problem. I'm, like, a professional at reading." Keaton said in reply to Kennedy, when she asked him to read something to her.

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Jude said...

Oh my gosh! I'm crying with laughter here...... :-D Not just the things your kids get up to but I just loooove you writing style. So, so funny. Hard day at work today and this was just what I needed. Thank you.
(And your kids are so like mine were at that age with the things they get up to.) Kimble licking the sugar off the floor is I think the one that made me laugh most.