Saturday, May 26, 2012

The May Facebook Edition

May Facebook Status:

It's a bad thing that I keep calling the girl's camp store the "mile high" store instead of the "extra mile" store.

Happy that I won't have to have the "schoolday alarm" in use on my phone for three months! This is a good thing.

Kamy is chasing Kimble throughout the house while making creepy monkey screeches and howls. Yeah. I'd be running from her too. She sounds amazingly realistic. She has a future job with the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz.

Found Kimble in the kitchen making himself a peanut butter and honey sandwich. "uh honey, momma!" he said, when I found him. Despite being covered in stickiness, it was a proud moment.

I made pudding for the kids after school today. Kolby said "eh" and went outside instead of having it for snack. I think he got cloned at school. The real Kolby would never have passed that up.

The Husband offered me a back massage. So did my 8 year old, Kolby. I think I'll take my chances with The Husband.

Kamy just informed me that she is doing service for me. I'm most impressed with what she picked to serve me, meaning the six baskets of laundry that I've had mocking me all week. Kamy is sorting and folding them all. Go Go Go!

Whose kid brought bullets and shell casings to school for show and tell today? Oh...mine was the only one? Go figure.

A peanut butter sandwich with caramel icecream topping substituted for honey. My kids didn't know what hit them. Hope the "wow..I love you mom. Thank you so much" comments make for happy attitudes during the difficult after-school times.

how can sonic be out of ice? wouldn't that be the very definition of inconceivable?

Kimble just learned how to open doors. I'm seriously devastated.

Continuing with his recent habit of stealing food off the counter (last night it was bacon), Kimble reached up and snagged some red onion slices off the cutting board. "You don't want to eat that" I said to him, but he just looked at me like all my children do (probably thinking "I'm smarter than you, mom") and took a big bite. As the chewing commenced, the smile lessened. He looked up at me, said "Yuck!", spit out the chewed up onion, put the remaining onion back on the counter, and silently turned and walked away. "Told ya" I said, lovingly.

It was a hard morning to get moving...especially since I was dreaming that I was dancing in a bathroom with big-curly-Beyonce-hair.

Mr. Kimble's two year old ways overrided his judgement. He had fun drizzling honey all over himself and the carpet...that is before I caught him.

As I gave Kimble his daily dose of chewable aspirin this morning, I had to open a new package. I cut the tablet in half (per his dose) and gave it to him, which he obediently chewed up as always...but then he made some grimaces, coughed a little, and said "Yucky". Oops. I accidentally bought the regular aspirin, and not the flavored chewables. Sorry buddy! Yes. Yucky would be the correct term.

Conversation at the dinner table:
Keaton: Man, this stuffing is so good.
Kolby: Yeah. Wanna know why it's called stuffing?
Keaton: Because it makes you feel stuffed!
Kolby: Yup. And, because that's how you make it...with stuff.
Keaton: Sure thing Kolby. That's all there is to cooking. You just combine stuff, serve it, and viola! You are a cook!

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