Saturday, May 12, 2012

Officially 2.5

Kimble is two-and-a-half now.  He is so full of energy we sometimes don't know what to do with him!  He loves to borrow other people's bikes, scooters, and any form of transportation he can get on.  He loves to play outside, whether on the grass, running downhills, or on the playground equipment.  He also looks forward to his daily stroller ride that Keaton takes him on after school.  Basically, he just loves to be outside.

Kimble is also content to play with cars, trucks, trains and all other "vrooms" and is known to harass his friend Clark at church by taking his toy bus and not giving it back. (I need to find a toy bus for him to have for his own!)  We keep magnet trains and a few cars in his diaper bag, so he's happy no matter where we are, even if we are waiting at the doctor's office (we don't let Kimble play with office toys...too many germs).

Kimble so desperately wants to be outside, that he just figured out how to open doors. I'm seriously devastated by this new development.  He's already been known to escape when we weren't watching him.  We feel really good about the fact that our backyard now has two working gates, to keep Kimble in.  At least we know he can't go far!  As a side note to this next picture of Kimble gazing out the window, he rarely keeps his pants on, and his diaper somehow gets twisted to show half his bum.

He and Kennedy like to play together.  She teaches him fun words, like "nummy" and "oh-sye" (meaning yummy and outside).  He is getting to where he will repeat more and more things, and hearing him say words, with is sweet high voice, is practically irresistible.

Other accomplishments:  Kimble will now climb the pantry shelves, to get to the good stuff that we keep up honey and chips.  Kimble stays awake now, in the car, instead of falling asleep if it is close to nap time.  He will be my helper, when I'm doing laundry, by pushing the clothes into the dryer as I'm dumping them over from the washing machine. 

Kimble can now reach his cup up to the water dispenser on our fridge door, and he fills up his own cup of water.  We realized he could do this when we noticed lots of water spills awaiting us everytime we went into the kitchen.

Kimble enjoys having his teeth brushed now.  Huge success!

Instead of running out the door and into the street everytime we leave the house, he now runs to the van and waits until I open the door, so he can climb into his seat.  Likewise, when we arrive home after errands, I get him out of the van, give him my house keys, and he runs up to the door (instead of to the street like he use to do) and tries to open the door. This gives me a chance to gather bags and other stuff from the van, and bring it inside without having to drop it to run after Kimble.  I feel brilliant about this idea I had.  Works marvelously.

Kimble tells me when he's stinky, and he intentionally toots when I'm changing his diaper, and giggles at his accomplishment.  He's not ready to be potty trained, but we are making progress with understanding what "stinky" is.

Kimble is very opinionated. He knows when he's being ornery.  He throws a few temper tantrums.  He says "sorry" when he needs to.  He is still a sweet boy, but he sure does have  his moments of showing us that he is two years old!

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