Thursday, May 24, 2012

School Plays

Both Kamy and Kennedy had school plays on the same day.  Kamy's was first.  She had many lines, and her character seemed to be in the middle of clash between two groups of people.  The entire play was spoken in rhyme, and Kamy had many lines. She did a great job.

After her play, we headed to Kennedy's  play.  It's wonderful that we live right next to the grade was a beautiful walk in which Kimble happily rode on my shoulders.

The next picture is Kennedy saying her line "I am an old woman.  I live in a shoe. I have so many children, I don't know what to do!"  She had a few more lines throughout her little play, and lots of songs that her and her fellow classmates sang with fervor.  It was adorable.

Her little outfit the costume designer made, had little children all over it.

It was a fun afternoon for me to see my sweet daughters performing, but very difficult to hold a squirmy two year old who missed his nap!

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