Friday, May 11, 2012


There's a first time for everything, right?  Kimble had his first smores a few weeks ago, at our cubscout backyard outdoor campfire activity.  Of course, it poured rain the first half of the evening, and we only just managed to have the storm clear out right when it was time to serve up the smores.  Perfect timing, eh?

He thought they were very tasty.

So did the boys, although they don't look that excited. Perhaps it was because I interrupted their eating by taking a picture.

Keaton was responsible for making a fire starter. He got a toilet paper roll, loosely stuffed it with dryer lint so the air could still get through (lesson learned from Tom Hanks in Castaway!) and then found a few dry twigs to shove all around. It worked perfectly.

Kennedy was just happy to play on the swingset.  Not pictured, but still in attendance, were The Husband, myself, and Kamy.

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