Wednesday, May 16, 2012

T is for Topic Sentence

Kennedy came up to me last night, after being sent to bed, with paper in hand.  "My teacher just loooooves topic sentences momma.  I came up with a good one, and wrote about butterflies because we've learned all about them in class."  Then she showed me her paper that she wrote all by herself.  I'm very proud of my little kindergartener, for having such desire to practice her writing, and to take what she learns in school and use it at home.

I'll translate her writing for you.

T=budrflise4 (Topic sentence: Butterflies.  4 sentences)
I will tel you three ideus uddot budrflise.  (I will tell you three ideas about butterflies.)
First budrflise flie.  (First, butterflies fly.)
Next budrflise eet with ther tuns I meen thar feet. (Next, butterflies eat with their tounges, I mean their feet.)
Thrd, budrflise hach in eggs entena theay hach.  (Third, butterflies hatch in eggs, antenna they hatch.)
Foorth budrflise hach. (Fourth, butterflies hatch.)

She couldn't wait to get out the door this morning, to give her topic sentence to her teacher.  I'm proud of her.


courtney said...

I'm playing catch up...I love the gate and I think you should paint it red or turquois!

I am so relieved that the lump went away! Did they say what it was?

Good Job Kennedy, I was able to read her sentences without needed to read your interpretations.

The garden looks great! We are planting our outside this Saturday, hopefully it won't snow here and kill our stuff!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love that girl:)

Colleen said...

Nice work!

Joolzmac said...

If she's keen with writing in kindy, she will be an ace student in high school and college. With all the abbreviated 'English' nowadays because of texting etc it's refreshing to know that little kids still enjoy actual 'writing'. Well done, Kennedy!

Cheers - Joolz