Friday, May 25, 2012

Worth The Balance

Last night, Kennedy finally got her balance right, as she learned to ride her two-wheel bike.  After begging and begging for her daddy to take her training wheels off, he finally obliged last week.  She still relied heavily on the training wheels, riding with major side-tippage.  We told her she had to balance right in the middle, if she was going to stay upright on her bike.

After a bit of practice, she got it!  She had so much fun with it, that even after it was time to be inside for the night, she got special permission to go in our backyard and practice making short little balancing trips back and forth along our little cement area.

Today, after the last day of school, she practiced more but going up and down the street, and then finally, taking the big plunge: a ride around the block with big brother Keaton.

Riding on two wheels is a big deal. Congrats little Kennedy!

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Jude said...

Well done, Kennedy. You really are a big girl now! Jude.x