Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Business of Wandmaking

Keaton wanted to sell wands. You may remember that he wrote a note about it.  His wandmaking involved this:  Finding perfect wand-ish sticks; carving them smooth; sanding them; painting them a specific color; adding a touch of glimmer paint over the top.   Viola!  A magic wand.

So Keaton (and the neighborhood kids who were bored that day) set up shop at a more populated street corner just down from our house (I could still see them out my window).

"Wands!  Wands for sell!  50 cents to 1 dollar.  Magic Wands!  Come get your wands!"

Surprisingly, people did come to get wands. Keaton made over 10 dollars in the hour or two that he was out there.

With some of the money, he paid his little helpers.  With some of the money, he bought a watch.  With some of the money, he continues to torment Kolby with his "fat wallet" syndrome...which makes Kolby's envy flare up.

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Becky said...

What a clever idea! You have some very creative and smart kids.