Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

The further adventures of the hiking Nunnelly family are brought to you by Cheyenne Mountain State Park.  We, meaning The Husband and I, had planned to camp out here the weekend before our anniversary, and then after a griddle-cooked breakfast, we were going to hike through some trails in the morning.  Well, things didn't work out, and we never got to camp.  However, we didn't let that stop us from taking all the kids on a hike a few weeks later.  It was a perfect day for hiking, with big blue Colorado skies to be our tourguide.  Just lovely.

Behind the family lies Fort Carson, downrange.  We started on a few paths, walked down a few streets, and then finally found a trail to begin our actual hiking.

Don't let Kolby fool you. He has a great time when we are out hiking.  He just chooses to show his displeasure as often as possible.  (Can you tell he and I are having friction?  No?  Good.  'Cause we aren't....)

This is usually my view, when we are hiking.  I love it.  We certainly challenge Kimble as much as we can, but in actuality, he challenges himself.  He is always running and jumping and exherting himself. It's great to see, even if he totally "crashes" afterwards.

I love this guy.

My little ducklings all in a row.

After hiking, we came upon a playground (it was nestled by all the campsites) and had fun playing in the wonky mirror.

Then we looked across the mountains.  Storm rolling in!  You can see the line of showers...where it begins, and after we watched it a while, we figured it was time to get moving because it was coming in fast!

We made it to our car right when the raindrops started falling on us.  We made it home, right when the hail started falling on us...and thus we covered our garden beds, while I took pictures, in a previous post.

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