Thursday, June 28, 2012

Frequent Tooth Fairy

The night after Kennedy lost her bottom tooth, she got to work on her other teeth.  Her two top middle teeth were loose, but I thought they'd hang strong for another few months at least.

All day long, she walked around looking in a mirror, and wiggling her middle right tooth.  By evening (after she was sent to bed, mind you) she came to me with it pretty loose.  I got a tissue, hooked my fingernail in the little gap behind the tooth, right up by the gums, and popped it off.  Just like that, she lost another tooth.

She was so excited...and naturally, she had to write the Tooth Fairy another note.  "I lost another tooth"

The next morning, after she got her dollar from the Tooth Fairy, she saw possibilities. So she started working on the other middle tooth.  Every time I saw her, she was wiggling that tooth.  All.Day.Long.

Once again, when it came time to go to bed, she suddenly was ready to get the other tooth out.  This one took a bit more pressure. There was one bit that had a tight stronghold on the tooth, and didn't want to let it go; but then we got it.  Suddenly, Kennedy can't say her "s" sound any more.  She looks completely different.

Another note for the Tooth Fairy?  You betcha.  This time, however, she got a bit greedy.  Her letter says (spelling corrected) "Holy Cow!  Another tooth.  Can you please give me jewelry or two dollars.  Answer yes or no.  Right.  Read.  Whoa."

The Tooth Fairy just happened to have two dollars to give a sweet little toothless girl.


Jude said...

I'm very impressed that the Tooth Fairy actually visits your children on the night they lose their tooth/teeth!! She was always useless at coming to our house, and sometimes even took a week!!!!! :o Jude.x

Dan and Katie said...

What a toothless cutie! Plus I love her haircut :)