Thursday, June 14, 2012

Girls Camp Day 1

So, last week was Girl's Camp for my church.  Our group of between 16-20 (depending on the day) met up with about 160 other girls between the ages of 12-18 in our church stake boundaries, at a place called Camp Joseph, up in the mountains southwest of us.  We had our own campsite within Camp Joseph for our group, and all campsites were surrounding a central pavilion where we ate, met together for devotionals, skits, and activities.  Here is a picture from the first day.

The teal shirts were worn by the three leaders (Marci, EmilieAn, and myself...see picture below) as well as the 1st through 4th year campers.  The older girls, called YCLs (youth camp leaders) wore the pink shirts.  I made everyone matching half aprons, to carry around their papers, chapstick, bandaids, or whatever else they wanted to carry around. They came in quite handy throughout the week, and it unified us as a group on the days the girls wore their normal shirts.

I took a picture everyday with Kamy.  She sorta ignored my presence most of the week, and although I gave her space, I still made sure she changed her clothes and did her hair and BRUSHED HER TEETH everyday.  Yeah...I'm that kind of mom.  The sash you see in the picture below, was given to me to wear the first day of camp, which was my wedding anniversary.  13 years!  Since the camp theme was "temples", it was fitting that I was celebrating an anniversary.

Here's another picture of the girls, as we were getting ready to practice our skit for that night.  We needed to do something entertaining that would introduce us.  We chose to do a twist on the "If I were not a boyscout" skit and changed it to "If I were not at girls camp".  The girls had a lot of fun with it. (you can youtube "if I were not a boyscout" skit and find out what I'm talking about if you want)

Here's Kamy and some of the other girls doing their part of the skit, in front of everyone.  Kamy was a bus driver, and her line was "If I were not at girls camp, I wonder where I'd be. If I were not at girls camp...'driving a bus is where I'd be.  Swerve it!  Brake it!  Kick the kids out!"...repeated over and over again.  Some of the other lines for the girls next to her were:

 "Sumo Wrestling is where I'd be.  Huhhhhh. Huhhhhhh. Huhhhhhhhhhh (said how a sumo wrestler would grunt).

 "Life guarding is where I'd be. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitate. What a way to get a date."

"On an airplane is where I'd be.  Where's my peanuts?  Where's my bag? Barf Barf Barf."

"Plunging toilets is where I'd be.  Plunge it. Plunge it.  I got some in my mouth."

Getting down to my part of the skit, I was "fighting Voldemort" and had a stick that was my wand.  My part was "Lumos. Reparo. Expecto Patronum."  The only thing is, as soon as I said my first part, and the next girl jumped in to say her line (Emri was a birdwatcher, and she needed to say "Hark, a lark, is flying through the park, splat.)...she reached up to the sky right when I reached out with my wand, and she broke it right in half.  It was so hilarious.  Immediately my part stopped, because I had no wand to do my magic.  You can see the two girls in pink laughing..It was really really funny.

Well, I came back with a vengeance.  I snuck out of line to find another stick, and came across this huge walking stick, and brought that back to be my wand. There was no way Emri could break this wand! (forgive how glamorous I look in this picture.)

During the skits, it was pretty rainy and cold and windy outside. We all went to bed a little damp, but exhausted after a very full day of setting up camp and having activities.  More to come...


Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I have been waiting ALL week to read about girls camp for you and Kamy. I love the mini aprons, and the very large magic wand. Looks like and sounds like you and Kamy had fun. Can't wait to read more.

Colleen said...

FUN FUN FUN! I can't wait to hear more and can't wait for my turn!