Sunday, June 17, 2012

He's Mine

Sometimes I can hardly believe this guy is mine F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

He spends his free time going on bike rides with the kids.
He stirs up fish slurry fertilizing cocktails for the garden beds.
He is so appreciative when I buy him tomatoes to eat.
He'll go with me to the dollar theater at 10pm just to watch a chick flick...and he'll like it.
He turns the tv down so low at night that I can't believe he can still hear it, just so he won't disrupt me as I'm sleeping.
He encourages me to be as successful as I can be, with the things I make and sell.
He cleans fingerprints off all our glass door panels.
He doesn't complain when I take all the pillows or blankets on  the bed.
He bikes to work, not just for exercise, but to save money on gas.
When he has to punish the kids, he makes them do pushups and squats until they collapse.
He gets excited when I cook meatloaf.
He cuts the boys' hair as well as his own hair.
He says things like "We should bring a plate of cookies over to the new neighbors".
There is nothing else he wants to do with his free time, than to spend it with the family.
He holds our relationship sacred, and is very bold about that if co-workers try to be crass or negative about their spouses/girlfriends.
He wears the lemongrass-infused scented oil that he bought for me, because he knows I love the smell so much.
He takes the time to properly put sunscreen on all the kids before we go out on family hikes.
He needs hugs and snuggles and love not only from me, but from the kids as well.
He uses my hair products.
He only shaves about every 4 days. My favorite scruff day is day 3.
He takes Kimble for walks around the church building, when being 2 years old is too disruptive for the meeting.
He loves his kids and me more than anything else in the world, and we often exchange texts that say "I love you more than biking" or "I love you more than you love spaghetti".

To this man, on Father's Day, thanks for being the man you are. I love you forever.


Heath said...

Thanks Sweetie,why is my hair so messed up in that picture. Oh well it has you in it so that makes it better. Thank you for all you and the family do to make me a better person. I love you all.

Jude said...

Aw. You two are so cute. What a lovely post and what a lovely comment. Hope you've had a lovely family day. Jude.x

Jen Sue Wild said...

What sweet remarks.. I think you and Heath make a good team together I am glad he is yours forever.

Renny's little things said...

can we husband swap!!!! nah not really mine is pretty cool too!!!

Love that you guys are so in love...
Cheers from Aus

Joolzmac said...

Naaaw, you guys are too cute! Your love is a beautiful thing!


Becky said...

That was a sweet post. You guys are a very cute couple.