Monday, June 18, 2012

Last Appointment

We had Kimble's last regular (every three or four months) heart appointment before we begin our round of pre-op appointments at The Children's Hospital.  As with every appointment, he has an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) to make sure no problems have arisen, and to measure the findings against the previous echos he has had.

Kimble's heart looks fabulous, and by that, I mean that it is showing marked improvement in growth and function with every appointment.  Even with just a few short months between appointments, it is clear that his heart is growing better than we would have thought was a possibility. 

This all brings a smile to Dr. Brames' face, and further supports the plan for the next surgery, which is to reverse the rerouting done in the last surgery and essentially give him a fully functioning four chamber heart.

This is not commonly done, but I trust in our doctors and surgeons. They want to give Kimble the best possible life, and having a heart used in full capacity is a huge thing.  That's not to say that Kimble's "cured" after the surgery. His heart had three major defects, each of which was life-threatening.  He will  still have issues, and we will still probably have future surgeries, and we still don't have more long-term prognosis other than the 'We'll see you in a few months at his next appointment' comment that we hear so frequently, but the bottom line is that today, he is alive and thriving and his heart is growing and functioning the best it can.

So, we enjoy each day that God blesses us with.  We hope for each surgery and pray for the best outcome.  We get strength from each other, from our friends and family, and from everyone who knows about us and Kimble.  We pray for him to have a long life, but understand if that's not the plan for him and will accept God's will.  We actively love him everyday.

We go into this next phase, a phase we are all too familiar with, with open eyes.  Past experience has taught us a lot, and at the same time, we know too much what it will be like.  It won't be easy.  It never is.  But he is worth it.

His next surgery has yet to be specifically scheduled, but will most likely be in October, with pre-op procedures and appointments beginning in August.


Jen said...

Oh Shaina - I admire your courage - even if you're just putting on a strong face! Kimble will be fine. You already know that. He's strong and growing - and they wouldn't be talking about doing surgery if he wasn't. Congrats on such a beautiful boy!

Jen said...

Kimble is such an amazing little boy and I am so happy to hear such good news about the growth of his heart. Prayers for you guys in the next few months as you go through his next surgery. I just know he has an amazing future.

Renny's little things said...

I have faith that this Kid is going to grow up to be something amazing and wonderful....He will have big plans and he will fullfill them
thinking of you all in Aus

Jeff and Lori said...

I'm so glad that things are going well. Deep breaths as surgery approaches! Kimble is such a sweet miracle baby. I especially like his current photo juxtaposed with the sidebar photo after his first open heart surgery. So heartwarming!

Jude said...

That's great news; so pleased that things are going well. And that face in the bottom photo!!!! I'd love to know what he got up to right after that was taken... :D I bet it was something he shouldn't have?! Jude.x

Heath said...

Kimble my sweet Baby Son, I love you so much. I am glad your little body is doing well. And you'r Mother and I pray every day that it is the Lord's will that it will continue that way. But we are are very well attuned to the fact that despite best efforts, sometimes things change. Thats why we make sure to love you and try to charish every moment that we are given with you.