Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Letter For Everything

Keaton really likes writing us little notes.  It's probably a combination of the fact that he's quite timid, and also that he knows I love getting notes from the kids.  Lately, however, it seems like every few hours, he hands us a folded up note, and quickly goes in the other room, anticipating our answer, which usually is instructed as: Check this box, yes or no.

Here is one note that I saw a few weeks ago. Apparently he and The Husband had been looking at birthstone rings on the  internet.

Keaton always has an idea for how he can make his own toys.  This time, he wanted to have a little "storefront" out on the neighborhood corner...but first, he asked my permission.

Then, wands weren't enough.  He wanted to be like Captain America.

After The Husband said "No, you can't take apart my bike and use the wheel as a shield"...Keaton had to find something else to fulfill his dream.

 As much as we see little notes that Keaton has written, asking for things, he also has a lot of love to show too.

Of course, he's a kid who doesn't always feel like life is fair, especially when it's his week to have the kitchen.  We sure had to explain to him how often we clean it, and how many years we did it ourselves, before we had our slaves (I mean children) become old enough to do it themselves.

Oh, but he has a big heart and is so often worried about his brothers and sisters.  This note was written after a difficult time with Kolby, in which we asked Kolby if he wanted to live in our house with our family.  If he did, he needed to follow the rules we have, which includes doing chores, not lying or stealing, and being loving to everybody who lives here.  I'm sure Kolby had some griping to do about how life is unfair and how he had been wronged...thus Keaton wrote this letter vicariously for Kolby.

Even some neighbor girls have gotten in on the action, and send Keaton notes every once in a while.  Keaton and Kolby are the only boys, in a sea of little girls, so it's not surprising that they would all have crushes on them.  I particularly like the xoxox at the conclusion of the letter.

I always urge the kids to color and draw me pictures. Kennedy loves to fulfill that request, and is always handing me lovely and colorful drawings.

She handed this next one to me one day when I was working on the computer.  (Mom, I luve you mom.  You tac (take) good car (care) of me  I love you.)

This next one was handed to me in church. I love how she sounds out and writes the flower names (sunflower, rose, daisy).

Kolby even wrote me a note once...except he pretended it was Kennedy who was writing it.  He uses Kennedy and Kimble to get things that he wants.  In this case, it was nutella.  In case you can't read it, it says "Can Kolby come with me to eat nutella and Kolby didn't get dinner or breakfast and when can we eat nutella?"  Then he drew of picture of Dad, Kolby, and Kennedy eating nutella.

I seriously love getting notes like this.  Even if the box checked is "no" versus the "yes" box, I still smile at their desires.

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Shavonne said...

I love all the little notes! It's a sweet thing for Keaton to do :)