Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Photo Here; A Photo There

Here are a few random photos that I wanted to make sure to document.  Kamy continues to work hard on her little garden.  A few weeks ago, her first sunflower popped up, making everyone smile.  Also making everyone smile is hearing Kimble's new word: cheeseball.  He says it perfectly and it's so adorable.

 Kennedy works herself to exhaustion, playing outside in the sun.  She was sleeping like this, amid the pile of clothes I was getting ready to sort and fold.

Mr. Kimble loves to wear hats now, and his current favorite is actually my hat.  He was wearing it in the kitchen as he was slurping and spitting a glass of milk, while eating handfuls of crackers and cereal.

 I take many self portraits, and many come out zoomed in too far, because I don't check the zoom before I take the picture!

Kimble loves to play in the backyard (wearing hats) and digging in the dirt. He often doesn't have pants on, because he takes them off as soon as I try to get them on, unless we are going somewhere public, and then he keeps his modesty.

Keaton likes playing with Kimble too, in the backyard.  Keaton's current obsession is being a cowboy, and even if its 100 degrees out (which it has been quite often the past few weeks) Keaton still wears his jeans, cowboy boots, and more often than not, a long sleeved flannel shirt.  H.O.T.!

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Becky said...

Love the pictures. Kimble looks so cute in hats. The hiking post was great too. Gotta love family outings.