Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crazy Exciting & Surprising News!

Saturday afternoon, we loaded the kids in the car and told them we were going swimming.  They began to wonder, though, why we had loaded a few luggage bags in the car, along with a stroller, the laptop, and requests to the neighbor boy to water our garden.

So to stifle the questions, we told them we were going to Denver to go swimming, and were staying the night.

The kids were thrilled.

However, once we got checked in, we gave them the surprise of their life.  We had them open up clues, that all pieced together, told them that Kimble is getting a wish through Make A Wish and we were all  on our way to Florida to go to Disneyworld!!

They had no idea that we had been keeping this huge secret from them!  Even friends and family didn't know...we are that good at secretkeeping!

So, I have a video to post, of how we told them the fabulous news.  I'll try to upload it another day.  Right now we are about to go to sleep after a L.O.N.G. day that began at 3:30am.

We are just so excited to be a part of these wonderful organizations (Make A Wish and Give Kids The World).  More to come soon!!!!!


Jude said...

Oh my gosh! How exciting! Hope you all have a really great time. Looking forward to hearing about what you get up to. Jude.x

Cynthia said...

Wow! That is so thrilling! I'm so excited for you all and hope it's a wonderful trip and happy time before the next surgery. You all deserve it! I can't wait to see the clue video...that sounds so fun!