Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Facebook Edition (June)

Kimble locked himself in my bedroom. There is no way to unlock it from the outside. After banging on the door, and trying to turn the knob, he finally turned the lock back and opened it. Yay!

"All the fun just fell right out of me, mom." Keaton's take on the "I'm bored" statement.

Kimble and I are off to his cardiology appointment this morning. Just another routine appointment he has every few months, but this is the last one before all his pre-surgery appointments begin up in Denver. Blaaaaahhh.

"Momma, how old are you?" Kennedy asked last night. I told her 36. She replied "then you'll be 37, then 38, then 39, then 90." She gasps and chuckles and says "Huh, yeah right. You'll never make it that old."

Words I could have sworn would never come out of my sugar-loving-adamant-about-not-eating-most-of-what-I-put-in-front-of-him Kolby: "Dad, may I have some nice crisp lettuce on my cheeseburger?"

Took the kids on a hike along some trails at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Kimble tried to jump off every single rock in or along the path, Kennedy kept flirty with danger by poking cactus plants, and the older kids didn't know why we had to walk so slow, even though Kimble's little legs were running a mile a minute to catch up to everyone. It was a good hike, and Kimble is totally zonked from his exertion.

He's my favorite husband. — with Heath Nunnelly

Last night at the park, I overheard kids playing "zombie". Whatever happened to playing crocodile, or shark, or something like that?

Keaton's singing to his own tune in the kitchen as he's cleaning: "Sweep it into a pile...even if it takes a while..." Guess that's better than what he was singing last night: "She's a man-eater! Watch out boys, she'll chew you up!"

I taught my kids how to load the dishwasher the way I like it (they previously were only unloading it) and clean laundry sorting is being done by all the kids, and I don't think I had to change Kimble's diaper once yesterday. I sure am enjoying my summer break.

Last night Kimble needed extra snuggles as he was going to sleep. Everytime I tried to sneak away, he cried "mamma!" so I came back to him and he'd snuggle against me and drift away again. I didn't mind one bit.

Before church activities, I quickly started the dryer an extra cycle, because it always takes two to dry the clothes. I thought I was on the ball, until I got home and went to unload the clothes from the dryer so the washed clothes could go in...and there were no clothes to unload. I'm losing my mind.

Today is the anniversary of Kimble's third heart surgery. Two years ago today, I turned him over to the nurse, truly believing that he wouldn't survive the surgery. What a blessing he is in my life.

I love hearing laughter from the other room interspersed with comments like "the more you wiggle, the more I tickle!".

"A load a day keeps the piles away." That's going to be my motto for the summer. One basket of clothes should be easier to stay on top of every day.

The Colorado Springs fire is over the ridge and into the northwest part of the city now. Many houses and businesses are lost, and thousands and thousands of people are evacuated. The whole city is on alert. Please pray for safety, fire containment, and rain!

Kennedy lost three teeth in three days. I can't wait for her to wake up so I can ask her to say "Sister Sally Sitting on a Thistle".

Update on the fire: There is positivity sweeping the city today, as we see more favorable weather conditions. Still hot, still breezy, but not as severe as in days past. There was hardly any fire growth from the day before, and the amazing firemen are working hard at keeping defensive lines around the perimeter.

No additional structures were lost, but the number from the previous day is estimated in the hundreds. The city officials will begin notifying families who lost their homes in a private and caring meeting, and that is set to begin later today.

No more evacuation notices have been given, but there are many areas who are on "watch" and should be ready to evacuate if the fire changes paths or gains momentum. The previous evacuations are still in place, with over 32 thousand people displaced in shelters or at friends/family homes.

There are over 1000 firemen working this fire, that has burned over 18 thousand acres. They are all in good spirits and are fighting strong!  Standing ovation to all our city workers who are protecting us!

Keaton woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. After urging him to get up for breakfast, Keaton turned to Kamy and said "Stop trying to ruin people's life!" Poor Keaton gets and extra chore for those remarks.

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