Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heart Baby Reunion Campout

Our heart babies are getting old enough where the term "baby" doesn't quite fit them anymore.  Regardless, we had our little reunion that we do every six months or so. This time, we decided it would be fun to go camping!  So Teresa (Chance's mom) found us some campsites that were right next to each other, at Chatfield State Park in Southwest Denver.  We all met up together at the end of June for a quick overnight stay.  It was a beautiful evening, and even with some wind gusts that shook the tent of it's poles, and a sprinkling of showers, it was lovely weather.

Here is the group picture.  Although you can't see, we will soon have another addition to our numbers. Julie (Adam's mom) is expecting a girl in a few months.  Yay!

Here are our "babies" from left to right, we have Chance, Kimble, and Adam.  Such sweet boys!  They were lots of fun to watch, now that they've gotten older and can communicate some.  They were interested in each other and showed off their 'heart scars' and had fun sharing food and talking in their little gibberish to each other.  So sweet to watch.

After dinner, games, socializing, and chasing kids around, we retired for the  night.  However, all the kids seemed a bit wound up.  Although I only heard our kids crying (Kimble) and talking loud (Kennedy and Kolby), apparently Adam and Chance had a hard time settling down too.  Scott (Chance's dad) ended up taking Chance home about 1am so they could  get to sleep, and Adam quietly played most of the night, in their tent. 

The Husband ended up taking our kids on some night walks, just to get their energy levels used up so they could settle down.  I seriously doubted Kimble even slept (meaning that we didn't sleep either) until I got up about 5am to take a shower and saw these two sleeping cuties right next to me.

After breakfast, and more kid-playing, we all got ready to go down to the lake for a few hours.  Here we are, just waiting for the others to be ready.

The lake was beautiful. The water was refreshingly cool compared to the H.O.T. temperatures we were experiencing.  It was a lovely morning.

Our boys are so cute together!!! I just love my little triplets.

The campout was so fun that we decided to make a whole weekend of it next spring/summer.  We needed much more time to enjoy eachother.  For now, we said goodbye until November, when we will do our next blanket drive. So if you would like to help us by donating a blanket, please contact me!  More info is on the sidebar, where I talked about our past years' donations.

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Amy said...

Hi! I stumbled on your blog because I was looking for basic instructions for making a reversible drawstring bag. The bag's for my 2.5-year old, so I can bag up some puzzles and books for her upcoming heart surgery and hospital stay! What luck! I've been looking for parent-blogs of heart surgery babies. I look forward to reading your story, and thanks for the bag instructions!