Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 4th

On July 4th, we took the kids on a bike ride around town.  Or, that was the plan.  We had one tire with a flat, and so the boys suggested they ride their rollerblades alongside us.  We cautioned them on being able to keep up, and getting tired more quickly, but they were up for the adventure.  So we loaded the two little ones in the bike trailer (with the proper attachment this time) and with The Husband pulling the trailer, Kamy in the middle, the boys alongside and me in the lead, we took off around town.

About 1/4 a mile into the ride, Kolby was done, so we squished him into the bike trailer with the other two kids and then kept on going.

We went about two miles before we stopped. Keaton was plum tuckered out and Kolby was barely moving forward.  We let them rest, then started off again, this time going to the little splashpad to let them cool down in the water sprays.  After that, we headed back home, but it wasn't long before Kolby's energy was spent, and Keaton complaints were: "I'm pretty sure I might die of supreme exhaustion, mom".

So The Husband hoisted Kolby onto the back of his bike, where he sat on the seat with his arms wrapped around his dad's waist.  They took off for home with lightning speed, Kolby whooping with joy the entire time, while holding his rollerblade-clad feet out away from the back tire.  I wish I had an extra set of hands to take a picture of that, but I was busy pulling the trailer with the two kids, while Keaton was "hookybobbing" on the back of the trailer, hitching a ride home.  Definitely an adventure!

Once home, we settled the kids downstairs in the cool air to watch Swiss Family Robinson while The Husband and I ran (drove) to the store to get a few things for our late lunch. We grilled (indoors...because of the fire bans) some hamburgers, hotdogs, and The Husband made this berry trifle, in honor of red, white and blue.

Like Father like son....

Then I had a farmer's market I was doing in our little town square, selling my headbands, purses, hair bows and baby items.

The family joined me later (riding their bikes once again to the market) and they enjoyed snow cones as they watched the festivities.

They went home. I stayed at the market until it was over, and that was pretty much our 4th of July!  We had a fun day together.

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