Monday, July 30, 2012

Make A Wish Trip Day 2 (Magic Kingdom)

Monday morning came early!  We had planned to spend the morning at the beach, but upon checking the weather forecast the night before, we decided to save the beach for another day due to impending storms, so we went to the Magic Kingdom instead!

Of course, after having breakfast, the kids had to take a few rides on the carousel before we left...

...and Mary Poppins was out and about, talking to the kids (Kimble isn't pictured because he didn't want to leave the carousel).  She asked if Kennedy got her teeth knocked out by her big brothers.  She was quite fun with her accent and choice of words "Spit spot. On with it." when getting ready to take the picture.  She was great.

 We also had to see Goofy, who was roaming around the castle.  Kimble went right up to him and gave him a hug. (Goofy was my favorite character, growing up.)

Then we were off to Disney World (err..Magic Kingdom I mean!)  After a family picture in front of the castle (which never made it into our photopass album) we headed straight back to do some rides for Kimble.  First up: Teacups!

Then we zoomed around the roadway and all the kids got to drive the cars themselves.

Good thing I took this picture, since the family picture didn't make it!


Then a visit with Buzz Lightyear to help thwart Zurg's evil plans!

We visited Space Mountain (one of my favorite rides).

 At this point, it was so hot and humid (the humidity was between 95-100% the entire week we were there, with temperatures in the high 90's) and the kids needed refreshment.  We got four Dole Whips to share between all of us, and everyone loved them.  Super yummy.

Then after the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, and the haunted house, we went for a ride on the jungle cruise, where Kimble especially loved the elephants.

Then it started raining pretty good, so we took the opportunity to get shelter and eat some lunch. We had burritos and quesadillas.  After lunch, Kimble zonked out and was asleep for the next few hours. Thank goodness for this wonderful stroller that we borrowed from a friend.  It was the best thing ever.

Because Kimble was asleep, and the rain had somewhat stopped (although it was still constantly sprinkling) we took the opportunity to ride the rides he couldn't go on.  The Husband and I switched out with each other, as we kept Kimble in some air conditioned places to keep him comfortable.  We went on Splash mountain and the railroad rollercoaster.

 Kimble was still asleep, and we needed to regroup and decide what to do next.  So we made our way to the Make A Wish Lounge that they have there, by the first aide area.  It was a little room filled with chairs and cushions and games and cold water.  While drinking my water, I took a picture of what my hair does when saturated with heat and humidity.  Not pretty. I was so glad I had my headbands to at least keep it looking controlled.

The boys enjoyed a game of checkers while The Husband and I consulted the map and show times and decided what to do next.

With a plan of attack ready for the rest of the day (it was about 3pm by now) we headed outside, but were stopped in our tracks. It was pouring down rain, and by the looks of the clouds, it wasn't going to stop any time soon.  Kimble woke up (getting rained on will do that) and we figured since we were already wet, we'd just go ahead with our plans.  However, within minutes, the downpour was so heavy that we had to seek shelter again.  After waiting under the canopies for about 25 minutes, we figured it wasn't going to let up.  We needed to make a decision. Stay or go.  We chose to go.

Despite not writing down where we parked, we found our vehicle due to me vaguely remembering seeing a sign for Simba as we were walking to the entrance.  We happened to pick the right row...and there was our rental van.  Whew!  This is Kimble and I, celebrating our victory.  From then on, we made sure we knew where we were parked!

We  got back to the village at GKTW (Give Kids The World) and after eating dinner, found out that there was a bunch of activities going on.  It was Monday night, and therefore their Trick or Treat night.  The kids all enjoyed what they had to offer.  Here is Kennedy and Kimble, hugging Mayor Clayton (a 6 foot rabbit who is the mayor of the village).

Keaton and Kolby elected to get their faces painted as lions!

Outside, there are these garbage cans who constantly talk, saying things like "give me more paper! I love paper!" and so the kids were always finding paper to feed through it's mouth.

 After going around the village to trick or treat, Kimble discovered a place where he could bowl. He could have stayed there all night, he had such a great time rolling the ball and knocking down the pins.

Once we exhausted ourselves with all the wonderful activities in the village, we made our way back to our villa to wash up and get ready for the next day's activities.  First up, there were some unruly lions who kept bouncing on the beds as they were waiting their turn for a bath.

It was a good day, despite getting rained out.  We realized that the village had activities going on every night of the week, and we knew how much the kids enjoyed being there, so we made plans to end our days early, so we could be back at the village to partake of all the wonderful things throughout the week.

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