Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Master Coop Extention

We felt that our chickens needed an extension built on to their little mansion, so last weekend The Husband built an addition, with the help of Keaton and myself.  We basically just added 8 feet of space into the length of their coop.  It's nothing fancy, but I think the ladies love their new space.

They continue to give us at least 4 eggs every day.  The kids have witnessed an egg being laid, also, and it fascinated them.  One of the eggs we got was twice the size of the others, and when we cracked it open, it had two yolks in it.
We are enjoying having chickens, and the kids are doing really well with the responsibility of feeding them and watering them.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mr. Kimble's Antics

The stage Kimble is in right now makes me happy.  He is so fun to be around.  Here are a few things he has been up to lately.

Kimble insists on taking the stairs two at a time when I'm trying to get him upstairs, for whatever reason. Probably because he knows I'm in a hurry, so the little stinker goes as slow as he can.  I take his hand, and walk with him up the stairs, and he will stretch his short leg out as far as it will go, requiring me to give him a little boost in order to make it to that step, then he does the same with the other leg.  No matter how I try to trick him into just stepping onto the next step, he won't put any weight on his legs until he has reached the step he wants to step on.  So, I play his game, taking 4 minutes to get up a flight of stairs, or I pick him up and make quick work of the remaining steps.

He loves to snuggle with me, which makes me so happy.  He cuddles up in my lap or lies right next to me in the crook of my arm.  He gives me big hugs and tight squeezes, little kisses and big smiles.  I love it!

Kimble is getting much better with his speech.  He says please (pweese) and uses it in almost every sentence that he asks for something.  "Pweese suh foo, mamma (please some food, mamma); pweese I go; pweese uh-sigh (please outside); pweese dee-dah (please tv); pweese shoes and socks;  pweese peesa (please pizza...he loves to have pizza!).

Kimble just learned how to say OK and now everytime I hear him say "ok momma" it just makes me smile.  He also learned "home" and when I walk in the door, he'll say "You home, momma!" and then will give me a big hug.

Summertime schedules have hindered Kimble's naptime routine.  He normally goes right to his bed; I tuck him in and share some sweet little kisses with him; he gives me a hug and says "bye momma!" and then he closes his eyes; I leave his room and shut his door; he is asleep in minutes.  However, summer was busy and kids were playing loud and happy, which tempted him out of his room.  He gets up, sneaks out, and I have to put him back in bed repeatedly.  I had hoped he would  revert back to his old nap habits once the kids were in school, but it's still difficult to keep him in his room for nap time.  Now, after I put him in bed, I have to sit outside his door.  He gets up, turns the handle, opens the door, and sees me sitting there, preventing him from escaping.  Normally after about 20 minutes, he'll get back in bed and go to sleep.  The other day, I was sitting.  Waiting.  He tried to sneak out. When he saw me, he said "Oh no!  It Momma!  Hide!" and then he scampered back to his bed.  Love that sweet kid.  (This was a picture I took one day, after I came around the corner to find him out of his bed. He was sitting there on the couch, with his eyes scrunched close, like I couldn't see him being disobedient.)

He carries his blankie around all throughout the house.  Sometimes It's wrapped around him. Other times he drags it around  like Linus.  He loves his blankie.

He comes up to me and says "You right, momma".  I don't know where he got that, or if he even knows what it means, but when he says it, I believe he is the smartest of all my children.

Kimble still takes two medicines a day, at breakfast time, and doesn't give me any trouble taking them.  After all, he has taken them his whole life; he knows no different.  He takes aspirin to help keep his blood thinned and moving nicely through his heart, and he takes another medicine that helps release fluid from his lungs (especially important with all the re-routing his bloodflow has; it keeps him from getting fluid buildup which could lead to pneumonia.).

He likes to eat turkey sandwiches with mayo, cut in half.  As he's eating it, he gloops it on the roof of his mouth and makes loud squishing noises as he chews it.  He loves them, and asks for "more" (in sign language) all the time.

He likes keys.  Whether he is trying to unlock a door, or finding another place to shove them.  I'm so glad he didn't shove it in far enough to get electrocuted!

He calls his siblings "Dora".  That is their name.  Collectively or individually.  He'll see one, and say "Hi Dora!" or he'll come to me crying, complaining of something one of them did, and all I hear is "Dora" amidst all the gibberish words that he tries to say.  Then, yesterday, he was in the store with me, and saw another little kid. He said hi to her, then said "I Dora", as an introduction.  So he calls himself Dora too.  So cute.

"Right Here" he'll pat the space next to him, and want you to sit there.

If I ask him to do something, he'll pause, say "Um.................No." and then that's that. There is no changing his mind.

He tries to wear Keaton's cowboy boots all the time. They are way too big for him, but he loves them so much.  I've been on the lookout for "yee-haw boots" as Kimble calls them, and hope to find some in his size (7) soon.

Some days, Kimble will only drink out of the spray bottle I use when ironing.  He sprays the little mist into his mouth all day long.

If I tell Kimble "No", he'll continue what he's doing, but in extremely slow motion, and with a mischievous grin on his face, like I can't see him because he's moving so slow.

He now knows how to turn on my sewing machine. Before, he would just touch it and push the buttons, which don't do anything when it's off.  Now, he flips the little on/off button to turn it on, and then starts pushing buttons.  I'm dreading the day when he realizes what the little foot pedal does!

Kimble still calls tv "dee-dah" and he definitely has his favorite shows, and knows when he can watch them.

Kimble fake sneezes.  He'll say "Ah. Ah. Ah. Choo!" then he wipes his nose and gives a sigh.

Likewise, he fake snores.  He'll lie down, scrunch his eyes closed, then make loud nasal breathing sounds, complete with a noisy exhale that includes a slight whistle.

He loves to steal Keaton's cowboy hat. Good thing Keaton is so easy-going about letting Kimble wear it!

He still likes to act like a doggie.  He'll stick out his tongue, pant, and lick your arm (or face if you are unfortunate) and I always pat him on the head and say "Good doggie".

He loves to snuggle in our bed, but he has to be between The Husband and I.  He won't go to the side of us.  No matter if there's room or not, he wedges himself in, grabs his blankie, and says "oh yeah".

As of late, he refuses to eat dinner in his normal chair next to me. He moves over to sit on his daddy's lap, and won't take no for an answer.   He likes to pour water from daddy's drink, and eat the same sauce that daddy puts on his food (even if it is hot salsa).

Kimble is a rambunctious kid who always seems to have scrapes or bumps or bruises.  A few weeks ago, he was playing in the other room.  I heard a crash, a scream, and Kimble came running to me with a hole between his eyes. It looked like a puncture wound.  His mouth was also bloody.  I still don't know what he did to cause the wound, but I'm just glad he didn't poke his eye!

He likes to play on the stairs with the kids.  He and Kennedy have a racing-on-your-belly thing they do.  Well, he ended up falling down them and gave himself another black eye.

He loves to play outside, run around, be in his stroller, go in the car, jump in the water, eat ice, sneak food out of the pantry, wiggle incessantly when trying to have his diaper changed, take baths, play with his siblings, watch the chickens, do flips and cartwheels, jump off couches and chairs, and play with his dinosaurs, trains, and cars.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Headband winner is....

Awaiting Ada said...
Happy 5 years, that's awesome! I love your blog, especially your recipes, I haven't tried one I didn't love! Our favorites are the sausage penne and the peanut butter fudge. I love your stuff so much I bought your little cookbook too! Thanks for sharing; here's to five more!
Congrats!  Email me so I can get your address and send it to you!
Thanks for the sweet comments!  I've got another "Kimble Post" I'm working on.  Stay tuned!

Monday, August 20, 2012

5 Year Blogiversary!! (Giveaway!)

This weekend was my 5th blogiversary!  Yay!!  Here are my past blogiversary posts:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

Here's what happened this year of blogging our adventures:

School started in August and Miss Kennedy (Still wanting to be called Georgie) finally had her first homework!  I found a farmer's market where people loved my headbands.

September had Kennedy deciding that a new look was in her future...and we were all so happy that Kolby chose to get baptized.  Kennedy also lost her first tooth, which just opened the flood gates for   another lost tooth, and then teeth falling out all over the place.

In October we ventured down to New Mexico to join cousins at the balloon festival (in which I got the recipe for these amazing pumpkin pancakes, which I can not stop making) and we all enjoyed the first snowfall of the year.  Continuing on with our halloween tradition, we had another spooky feast!

In November, Just after his 2nd Birthday, and after I reminisced about what an amazing 2 years it has been, Mr. Kimble got his first big boy haircut! We also had Year 2 of the Blanket Drive!!

The month of December was a busy one for us, because we did our daily deeds of service to bring Christ back into Christmas.  I also posted my favorite meatball recipe ever.  Christmas Eve Picture, to add to our yearly picture tradition.

I began a series of posts that were full of Kimble-related happenings.  Here is what he was up to in January, then in February, March, and May, when he turned 2.5!

I made public my goals for 2012.

In February, Kimble had some episodes of blue lips that were happening more frequent.  We had one of his cardiac appointments explain why, and also give us a preview of his next expected surgery.  Then, we had our final appointment, in June, before we begin our pre-op appointments in the fall.

I donated blood in honor of Mr. Kimble.

In March I had a lovely weekend visiting my family!

Kamy turrned 12 and became a young lady. Kennedy simply begged me to get her hair cut short!

Spring Break is sponsored by the best picture ever, of Kimble getting caught with flour.

Keaton loves to write us little notes and letters, and it began with his note of being the worst kid ever.  Then, he decided to live in a tree.

With all my worrying about Kimble, sometimes I forget that he is the love of other people as well.

In April we built planter boxes, planted seeds, started the garden, and watched it grow! Plus, we built two gates.

Kimble had some owies to show for his growing exuberance.

We all had fun at Easter hunting eggs.

I started compliling my facebook statuses into monthly accounts.  January, February, March, April, May, June, and July.

May brought us beautiful weather, so Kennedy learned how to ride her bike without training wheels and graduates from Kindergarten.

Here's a glimpse at the Italian Digression.

I hate that I was so grumpy on Mother's Day.

Last day of school for the year.

I got to see Wicked! and took The Husband with me.  I also love this picture of us.

To kick start our summer, we hiked Cheyenne State Park, had Girls Camp, reminised about when I was 12 years old at Girls Camp, and sold wands.

We had another heart baby reunion, and this time we went camping!

The Waldo Canyon Fire threatened us all; We went swimming at Pirate's Cove,

We began a week-long adventure of miracles, with our Make A Wish Trip.  Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

School starts again and with that, Keaton begins his new career as Garbage Boy.  Plus, we finally show our true colors, being raised as farm kids, and add some hens to our family!

To thank you for sticking around, and reading my blog (even though the comment sections are pretty sparse, I know people still read!), I have a lovely headband to give away.  Simply leave a comment.  Say something nice.  I'll randomly pick a winner in a few days.  Toodles.

(a rolled flower headband, made with lace and satin, in black and gray)
(If you don't win the giveaway, and still want a headband, I will make you a custom order, through Krinkle Kut.  This headband would normally sell for 12 dollars.)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Losing More Teeth!

Kennedy came upstairs today, with her mouth clamped shut and her hands balled in a fist at her side, trying not to smile, which would give away her secret.  Keaton was her spokesperson. "You'll never guess what just happened to Kennedy!"  He explained that he was playing with her, and his shoulder banged into her tooth, and out it popped!  Tooth number 6! If she keeps this up, she'll have no teeth left to chew her food!  Maybe she should be a Jack O Lantern for Halloween.

She wrote this note to the Tooth Fairy. This time, she didn't request money. I'll correct her spelling so you know what she wrote: "Tooth Fairy, can you give me a music box. Please.  Next to my bed, with sparkles. Different sparkles.

I told her that I would try to get her a music box for her birthday, but that the Tooth Fairy would probably leave her money. ("She is so tiny, that she can't fly with a music box!")  I think it appeased her for a bit. 

The July Facebook Edition

I'm pretty sure Kimble babbled "you right, momma" to me today. I think he is the smartest of all my children.

Mr. Kimble has now graduated from peanut butter and honey sandwiches, to turkey and mayo sandwiches. He ate two for lunch. Then he turned to me, said "see, mom!" and then made the sign for 'thirsty'. He is such a big boy now.

I can't help but compare everything at Disney World to Jurassic Park..."state of the art; spared no expense." Ahhhh! waiting for disaster to strike!

Guess what? We are great secret keepers! Kimble is getting a wish through Make A Wish and his wish is to go to Disney World and spend time with Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. So tomorrow, the whole family is flying to Florida for the week. We can't wait! The best part...we kept it a secret from even the kids. They had no idea. Friends had no idea. Family had no idea. What fun! I took a video of us revealing the surprise to them tonight in our hotel room, but hotel internet is s.l.o.w. So, I'll upload it later. For now, we are off!! So exciting!!!!!

An older lady, upon learning that I had 5 kids, commented to me today:"you do know what causes that, right?" I replied: "I do, and we liked it so much we just kept on doing it."

I gave Keaton and Kolby each a water bottle today to use for scout camp. Real refillable water bottles, not the 24 pk you would buy at the store. You'd think I just told them we were going to Disneyland. They were so excited.

"I guess my sleep was just too fragile to sleep past the light!" -Keaton, upon awaking early this morning

A whole tray of frozen cookie dough balls went missing. Can you guess the culprit?

My sewing machine died today. Blew the fuse or internal computer. Now I'm frantically searching for a replacement. Ugh. I'm so tired of looking at sewing machines online!

Cartwheeling contest in our basement tonight. I won.

A persistently buzzing housefly has got to be the most annoying way to be woken up and harassed in the morning.

Kennedy was just as annoyed with the fly too. She followed it around the room, then to the window. She slapped her hand against the window and the fly dropped dead. Those are mad skills right there.

Keaton has great desires to be an inventor. He's been working on a teleporter that not only has lasers and mind readers, but it also has a way to purify air to rid pollution at the same time. What a great kid.

Three bikes, one bike trailer, two sets of rollerblades. Nunnelly family went around the town today!

Kimble would make much better progress at sneaking out the front door if he didn't announce his departure with a "Bye Momma!" every time he tried to leave.

Who's A Big Chicken Now?

One of my friends was moving away, sadly.  She needed to find a home for her four chickens, and so I quickly jumped at the chance to have them!  Included in her offering was their chicken pen.  I just had to get it from her house to mine!

After a bit of time making phone calls, some friends offered us their old farm truck, to transport the hens and chicken coop to their new home.  Because it was a "stick", I was the lucky one to get to drive, while The Husband watched with humor as I maneuvered the ancient pickup the few miles or so from the farm to the house.  With an ignition that started with a pump of the gas and a push of a pin screw,  a clutch that stuck with every use, and no muffler or mirrors to be had, I made my way around the roads, giving a thumbs up to any onlooker to behold such a sight.

The chicken coop fit perfectly in the back of the pickup. I had such fun transporting it!

When we got it to the house, the kids were so excited about our new pets.  Mr. Kimble didn't know quite what to make of the noisy little creatures.  Finally, after a while of observation, he said, imitating a chicken "Boc boc boc, mamma!"

 This chicken, in the front, must be the dominate chicken. She sure does like to be the first at things:  Food, water, and trying to escape when you open the cage. She is also very free with her pecking, especially at my pinkies. Ouch!

It was dark once we got the coop set up, and the pickup returned to the farm. The boys tried it out, and deemed it a perfect arrangement for our new chickens.

Before we put them in, the kids all had a turn petting the chickens. They were pretty hesitant to touch them at first, but gradually warmed up to them.

We gathered the eggs that they had laid that day, at their previous home.  There were 7!

The next day, after learning how to feed and water them, they all got their turn at holding a chicken.  Kennedy was super excited!

Kennedy took this picture of me and Kimble. He wasn't so sure about the chicken.

After I gave Keaton a chicken to hold, and was trying to get one for Kolby, he got nervous and didn't want to hold one.  Instead, he gathered the eggs.  Four more!

 When Kamy came home from school, she had her turn to hold her chicken, who is the dominate one.  She named her Valentina.

We are a family with chickens now!  It's so fun.  I'm glad we got them.  I have fond memories of senaking into the chicken coop, when I lived on the ranch as a youngster, and gathering eggs, playing with the chickens, and getting chased by the big mean rooster.  I'm happy to have my kids exxperience just a bit of what I experienced, as a kid.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Day of School August 2012

School started August 9th! The kids were ready to not be so bored, and I was ready for a quiet house during the day.  Worked out great for both parties, I'd say.  So here are the kiddos, just before 7am, ready to head to school.  Kimble is included in this picture, because I couldn't keep him away.  Even though I get bad parent marks for the fact that he isn't wearing any pants, at least he has shoes on.

Kamy (7th), Keaton (5th) Kolby (3rd) Kennedy (1st).

Look casual!

Ok, now jump up and pretend to be excited!

 Yay for school days!  By the way, they are all wearing new jeans (Children's Place 10 dollar denim sale!) and each of them are a Slim size, and even with that, I still have to pull the sides in to the last button, to make them stay on their hips.  Such slender children I have.  Wonder who they get it from?  Certainly not me.  Anyway, Kamy is in a 12, Keaton and Kolby both wear a 10 (Kolby just rolls his up a bit on the legs) and Kennedy is in a 5.

School Supply Shopping

I normally get panic attacks when it comes time to get every one's school supplies bought.  As much as I love boxes of crayons, smooth markers, crisp sheets of paper and sleek folders, I hate how much I have to purchase. The lists are overwhelming, especially when you combine four kids-worth of supplies.

As per tradition, I like to make note of the supply list, for historical purposes.  Here is the school supply list, compiled from what was on the 1st, 3,rd 5th, and 7th grade lists.  All together, this is what I was expected to buy.

4 (24 pack) boxes of crayons
5 boxes of colored pencils
3 packs of washable markers
3 wooden ruler
3 big pink erasers
210 sharpened pencils
9 fine point dry erase markers (3 black)
4 wide black dry erase markers
2 chisel tip (fat) black dry erase markers
22 blue or black pens
2 red pens
4 (4 oz) bottles of glue
10 large glue sticks
11 highlighters (2 green, 2 pink, 2 yellow)
11 spiral notebooks (70 sheets, wide ruled)
7 black composition notebooks
10 packs of notebook paper (wide ruled)
3 pairs of scissors (metal blade, Fiskar brand)
2 1" 3 ring binder
1 1.5" 3 ring binder
5 dividers
1 plastic pencil holder (3 ring)
2 black sharpies
1 small pencil boxes
16 pocket folders
2 packages of lined 3x5 notecards (100 each)
1 Trapper Keeper
1 pack multiplication flashcards
1 package of graph paper
1 flash drive
1 Spanish/English Dictionary (Larousse)

2 boxes sandwich size ziplock bags
1 box gallon size ziploc bags
1 bottle hand sanitizer
6 boxes of kleenex
1 package of baby wipes
4 large containers of disinfecting Lysol wipes

I bought the school supplies, but the classroom supplies I did not.  At least, not yet.  It was overwhelming (and pricey) enough to call it good for now.  Later in the year, I'll provide baggies, wipes, sanitizer, etc if the class needs it.

Here are the kids, as they got their supplies divided up.  They got out their backpacks (this is now the third year they've used their backpacks...except for Kennedy. I got the three backpacks at Costco and they are fabulous.  Great purchase, lasting this long!)

Keaton was super excited to get the trapperkeeper!!  Now they are all ready for school!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Garbage Boy

In an effort to earn money (the wand-selling booth from the summer fizzled and died with a *poof*) Keaton came to me for help.  "What can I do to earn money?  I've seriously thought so hard about it and my brain hurts.  I don't think I can take much more thinking about this, mom!"

So I came up with a great idea for him, and Keaton jumped at the chance.  Together, we put together some flyers (to hang on people's doors if they weren't home) and some paperwork to sign up willing neighbors, and we also prepared a speech, which Keaton practiced and practiced to overcome his nervousness.  Then, after all that, we were ready to go door to door to ask our neighbors, if they wanted to employ Keaton: The Garbage Boy.

"The Garbage Boy"

Do you ever have trouble remembering to take your garbage to the street on your trash day?  Don't you hate having to squish two weeks of garbage into your trash dumpster, because you missed the garbage truck?  Let The Garbage Boy remember for you!  He'll solve all your trash problems.

The Garbage Boy will take your trash dumpster to the street in the morning of your trash day, and return it to your sideyard in the afternoon.  The fee is only $1 dollar per trash receptacle, per week.

Please call The Garbage Boy to schedule your pick-up day. ###-###-####

The above is what we wrote on the flyer.  Keaton had a great speech lined up, if he caught people at home.  Then, if they wanted to sign up, he had another sheet of paper that the homeowner filled out, which asked for their name, address, phone number, day of garbage pickup, where their trash bin was located, if holidays changed their trash days, and what day they wanted payment collected.

I went with Keaton as he walked around the block, door to door.  He was so nervous, but he managed to get two people to sign up.  Then he asked two other people from our church, who live a few blocks away, if he could do their trash. They accepted.

It's now been two weeks since Keaton started his job.  He has four houses that he does, all on Fridays, and leaves the house at 6:40am, with his bike, to get them done before he has to be at the school by 7:10.  After school is done, he hops back on his bike and does his route in reverse order to return the trash bins to the sideyards.

Keaton not only gets the garbage to the sidewalk, then back again after it's been emptied, but he also makes sure he closes the side gates when he's done, he picks up any trash he sees on the ground, and he puts the garbage bin nicely on the sidewalk so it's out of the way of the driveway.

Because two of his families have two trash cans, Keaton has earned himself $30 dollars for the month.  Ten percent will go to tithing (what we pay to our church) and he will put half of his earnings in his savings account for his church mission (for when he is 19 years old). 

This leaves him with 13 dollars a month (which is still pretty good).  Upon realizing he only has 13 dollars left over, he is now motivated to see if he can find any more customers on the next block over, to more than double his revenue.

Man Heels

Who is more in the wrong?  Kolby, for wearing my wedge sandals while cleaning the living room, all the while dancing around and showing off his long lean legs because he wasn't wearing pants...or me, for taking a picture and posting it on my blog?

A Penny For Your Ride

Mr. K and I went grocery shopping on Monday, and as we were leaving the register, he became so excited.  Refusing to take another step, I followed his gaze to this fabulously dated horsie ride that was squished up against the wall, between a gumball machine and soda pop vending machine.

I helped Kimble up, looked too see how much it cost per ride, and was pleasantly surprised to see this:

One penny for a ride on a horsie.  You can't beat that.  Kimble took two turns before we left, but I think it'll have to be a weekly thing. Wish I had something like this at home!  I'd be the most. popular. mom. ever.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

There's a Hole in my Pocket

I guess the summer was hard on wardrobes.  The new school year, in conjunction with school shopping, came perfectly timed. Now...all she needs is a haircut.  Or perhaps, if someone just combed her hair, she might look a bit better ready to start first grade!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 7 Make A Wish Trip (GKTW and Traveling Home)

This was our last day.  Although the week was filled with adventures, we couldn't believe that it was over.  We needed to be checked out of our villa by 11am.  Our options were to get up early, get checked out, keep all our luggage in our van, head to our second day at Universal Studios, spend the day there, and at 3pm, head to the airport.

Or...we could just have a relaxing day at Give Kids The World.  As much as we loved the theme parks, Universal didn't have much for Kimble to do.  So, we decided to go with what Kimble would like, and since he liked the village so much, we hung around GKTW.  A good choice for us.  Here is what we did.

We woke up and got ready for breakfast at 8am.  The kids all had on their swimsuits, to go swimming for a few hours after breakfast.  The Husband and kids went swimming, and I kept Kimble occupied with a few other things.

Kimble and I enjoyed going on carousel rides again and again.  Then we went into the Castle of Miracles to find out where his special star was.  All the wish kids who visit GKTW gets a star.  It's put up on the ceiling, to join the hundreds of thousands of other stars, and will stay there permanently.  Earlier in the week, Kimble had drawn on his star (see the scribble lines?) and I wrote his name.  The star found its home in the tower of the castle, and we were able to see where it was located.

Do you see all the stars on the ceiling!  It just glows!

In a little side room, at the castle, is the inside of the tree.  It has lots of fun nooks and crannies and a slide that Kimble couldn't resist. He loved playing on it all week long.

Kimble also rode the choo choo train again...

...and had more ice cream (if you can believe it).  He knew right were to go!

After that, it was about time to go get the other kids.  We needed to get back to the villa to pack our stuff and turn in our keys so that they could get it ready for the next family who would be using it.

Once we were all packed, and checked out, we still had about four hours until we needed to get to the airport.  So we found other things to do.  First, we stopped by the GKTW gift shop where both The Husband and I bought some hooded sweatshirts that said GKTW Florida.  We've been given so much, it's good to give back. Plus, we wanted something to take back with us, from GKTW.

We took the kids over to play miniature golf at the putt-putt place.  Although Kimble didn't want to play golf (I took him on a few train rides again) the other kids loved it.

We ended up in "Amberville" where we beat the heat by staying indoors and playing with the giant train set, and the kids enjoyed playing all the free arcade games they have there.

There were plenty of little rides around the village that the kids liked as well.

By then, we got a late lunch (and more ice cream, if you can believe it).

We still had more time left, so we hung out at the house of hearts, where they had a big leather sofa that all the kids lounged on, while watching a robots movie on a big screen.  About the time we were all about to fall asleep, it was time to head to the airport.  We waved goodbye to everyone, and with tears in our eyes, we left Give Kids The World, hoping that we will get an opportunity to come back and volunteer there some day.

After returning the rental van, and getting our tickets, making our way through security and the trains to get to our gate, we still had almost two hours of waiting before our flight boarded, We kept Kimble awake (it was difficult!) because we wanted him to sleep on the flight (which was a straight shot to Denver, thank goodness).  However, getting him to go to sleep on the flight proved a bit more difficult.  He caused quite a commotion with his tiredness, before he finally gave in and went to sleep.  He slept most of the way home, and we were very happy for that.

We arrived back in Denver about 9pm, and after getting our luggage, misplacing a carry-on (found it later at lost and found), we got our shuttle and headed back to the hotel that we had stayed in the night before we left.  Our van was there waiting for us, and we loaded up and drove the rest of the way home.

A long and glorious trip that left us "recovering" for the next week.  Catching up on sleep was my main priority, and I'm still feeling groggy, 10 days later.  I have one more post coming up, that should give more details about what Make a Wish and Give Kids The World did to make Kimble's wish come true.  He was the happiest he's ever been in his entire life, and I'm so happy I could watch it all unfold.