Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 7 Make A Wish Trip (GKTW and Traveling Home)

This was our last day.  Although the week was filled with adventures, we couldn't believe that it was over.  We needed to be checked out of our villa by 11am.  Our options were to get up early, get checked out, keep all our luggage in our van, head to our second day at Universal Studios, spend the day there, and at 3pm, head to the airport.

Or...we could just have a relaxing day at Give Kids The World.  As much as we loved the theme parks, Universal didn't have much for Kimble to do.  So, we decided to go with what Kimble would like, and since he liked the village so much, we hung around GKTW.  A good choice for us.  Here is what we did.

We woke up and got ready for breakfast at 8am.  The kids all had on their swimsuits, to go swimming for a few hours after breakfast.  The Husband and kids went swimming, and I kept Kimble occupied with a few other things.

Kimble and I enjoyed going on carousel rides again and again.  Then we went into the Castle of Miracles to find out where his special star was.  All the wish kids who visit GKTW gets a star.  It's put up on the ceiling, to join the hundreds of thousands of other stars, and will stay there permanently.  Earlier in the week, Kimble had drawn on his star (see the scribble lines?) and I wrote his name.  The star found its home in the tower of the castle, and we were able to see where it was located.

Do you see all the stars on the ceiling!  It just glows!

In a little side room, at the castle, is the inside of the tree.  It has lots of fun nooks and crannies and a slide that Kimble couldn't resist. He loved playing on it all week long.

Kimble also rode the choo choo train again...

...and had more ice cream (if you can believe it).  He knew right were to go!

After that, it was about time to go get the other kids.  We needed to get back to the villa to pack our stuff and turn in our keys so that they could get it ready for the next family who would be using it.

Once we were all packed, and checked out, we still had about four hours until we needed to get to the airport.  So we found other things to do.  First, we stopped by the GKTW gift shop where both The Husband and I bought some hooded sweatshirts that said GKTW Florida.  We've been given so much, it's good to give back. Plus, we wanted something to take back with us, from GKTW.

We took the kids over to play miniature golf at the putt-putt place.  Although Kimble didn't want to play golf (I took him on a few train rides again) the other kids loved it.

We ended up in "Amberville" where we beat the heat by staying indoors and playing with the giant train set, and the kids enjoyed playing all the free arcade games they have there.

There were plenty of little rides around the village that the kids liked as well.

By then, we got a late lunch (and more ice cream, if you can believe it).

We still had more time left, so we hung out at the house of hearts, where they had a big leather sofa that all the kids lounged on, while watching a robots movie on a big screen.  About the time we were all about to fall asleep, it was time to head to the airport.  We waved goodbye to everyone, and with tears in our eyes, we left Give Kids The World, hoping that we will get an opportunity to come back and volunteer there some day.

After returning the rental van, and getting our tickets, making our way through security and the trains to get to our gate, we still had almost two hours of waiting before our flight boarded, We kept Kimble awake (it was difficult!) because we wanted him to sleep on the flight (which was a straight shot to Denver, thank goodness).  However, getting him to go to sleep on the flight proved a bit more difficult.  He caused quite a commotion with his tiredness, before he finally gave in and went to sleep.  He slept most of the way home, and we were very happy for that.

We arrived back in Denver about 9pm, and after getting our luggage, misplacing a carry-on (found it later at lost and found), we got our shuttle and headed back to the hotel that we had stayed in the night before we left.  Our van was there waiting for us, and we loaded up and drove the rest of the way home.

A long and glorious trip that left us "recovering" for the next week.  Catching up on sleep was my main priority, and I'm still feeling groggy, 10 days later.  I have one more post coming up, that should give more details about what Make a Wish and Give Kids The World did to make Kimble's wish come true.  He was the happiest he's ever been in his entire life, and I'm so happy I could watch it all unfold.


Renny's little things said...

I have tears

Love to you all
Geniene in Aus

Colleen said...

One word: WONDERFUL!

Jude said...

What an absolutely perfect trip you had. :-D Jude.x

Unknown said...

What a wonderful vacation for a summer break. I'm so glad Mr Kimble had so much fun. What a wonderful thing Make a Wish does for families. So glad you all had a good time.

Give Kids The World said...

We loved all your posts! And, your amazing pictures. We are so glad you and your family had such a magical time here. Thank you for sharing your family with us! :) Sending you all lots of love from the Village!