Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Day of School August 2012

School started August 9th! The kids were ready to not be so bored, and I was ready for a quiet house during the day.  Worked out great for both parties, I'd say.  So here are the kiddos, just before 7am, ready to head to school.  Kimble is included in this picture, because I couldn't keep him away.  Even though I get bad parent marks for the fact that he isn't wearing any pants, at least he has shoes on.

Kamy (7th), Keaton (5th) Kolby (3rd) Kennedy (1st).

Look casual!

Ok, now jump up and pretend to be excited!

 Yay for school days!  By the way, they are all wearing new jeans (Children's Place 10 dollar denim sale!) and each of them are a Slim size, and even with that, I still have to pull the sides in to the last button, to make them stay on their hips.  Such slender children I have.  Wonder who they get it from?  Certainly not me.  Anyway, Kamy is in a 12, Keaton and Kolby both wear a 10 (Kolby just rolls his up a bit on the legs) and Kennedy is in a 5.


Joolzmac said...

Gorgeous kids - that 'jump in the air' pic made me laugh!


kdaygirl said...

Keaton's hair is making me laugh! It looks like horns in front!