Sunday, August 19, 2012

Losing More Teeth!

Kennedy came upstairs today, with her mouth clamped shut and her hands balled in a fist at her side, trying not to smile, which would give away her secret.  Keaton was her spokesperson. "You'll never guess what just happened to Kennedy!"  He explained that he was playing with her, and his shoulder banged into her tooth, and out it popped!  Tooth number 6! If she keeps this up, she'll have no teeth left to chew her food!  Maybe she should be a Jack O Lantern for Halloween.

She wrote this note to the Tooth Fairy. This time, she didn't request money. I'll correct her spelling so you know what she wrote: "Tooth Fairy, can you give me a music box. Please.  Next to my bed, with sparkles. Different sparkles.

I told her that I would try to get her a music box for her birthday, but that the Tooth Fairy would probably leave her money. ("She is so tiny, that she can't fly with a music box!")  I think it appeased her for a bit. 

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