Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Make A Wish Trip Day 6 (Animal Kingdom & Epcot)

We wanted to get to the Animal Kingdom right when they opened, so we could go on the safari ride first thing. That's when we heard that the animals were most active. It was a great ride, with a great trail guide, and we enjoyed it very much.  Plus, the rumor was right. We saw almost every animal the guide talked about, as we rode around.

I can't remember  all the names of the different animals we saw, but here are a few pictures that show the amazing animals they have at the safari, but also how close they are to the road we were on.

Keaton was so excited to see the lion.  "I can't believe I saw my favorite animal in the whole world!  He is so magnificent and powerful!"

I loved this next picture of the white rhino.  He almost looked like a statue standing there; the only thing moving was his mouth, as he chewed the grass.

Although Kimble loved it, this next picture shows just how hot and uncomfortable he was with the humidity. Hang in there, buddy.  We'll go to something air conditioned next!

After taking a walking trail around the safari, and seeing more animals and insects and reptiles and fish, we moved on to see a Lion King show, which was fabulous.  By far, our favorite show of the trip.  Pictured are the "monkeys" as they did an acrobatics routine which was wonderful.

They had dancers and singers and activity going on all around.

They pulled out a few people to help with the finale of the show, and Kolby was one of them who got to help by shaking a rattle and dancing around.

 Then we rode a few Kimble-sized rides.  Again...he was so happy!

We had some frozen lemonade and then saw another show (it was so hot, that we looked for ways to be inside and under the protection of air conditioning!).  We saw a Nemo show, that involved actors and "puppets" that they carried around.  A good show.

Then we made our way over to Everest, to ride the big rollercoaster.  We swapped out with Kimble for this one, but everyone else rode it and loved it!  Here's a picture of Keaton, Kennedy and me, as we were riding it.

I stayed back with a sleeping Mr. Kimble as The Husband and other kids rode a few more rides.  By this time, it was about 1pm and everyone was hungry.  So in anticipation of eating at Epcot (which we were told to do!) we left Animal Kingdom, fully content with our accomplished activities.

Kimble woke up mid transport, and we made it to Epcot!

We ate in China and then moved on to see some of the attractions they had to offer.  The Husband and kids rode Soar while Kimble and I played with his toy trains, and then we all went on a slow river ride through the "Land" to see how Disney was changing the way agriculture was being produced. We saw some interesting methods of growing plants, which included a tomato plant that was a tree!

After the Land ride, we split up. The Husband and Kamy and Keaton went back to the nation part of the park, where they explore the different countries and what they have to offer, while Kolby, Kennedy, Kimble and I went in search of more air conditioned places to spend our time.

We ended up riding a few rides, talking with Crush from Finding Nemo (it was a surprisingly fun interactive thing where Crush even asked Kolby and I questions, and Crush suggested that my five kids is nothing compared to his 65 kids, and I had better get busy catching up!) and we ended up reuniting with The Husband (who had an equally fabulous time visiting the nations and eating French pastries) where we did a few more things and then called it good. We were hot and tired and ready to go home again.

We promised the kids that they could go swimming at night, and so we went back to the village and quickly changed into swimsuits.  However, right when we got to the pool, lightning could be seen in the distance, so they told everyone the pool was closed for the night.

Oh, this saddened the kids so much, but we (sorta) made it up to them by taking them to get more ice cream!  Then we ordered our food from Katie's Kitchen, as well as got a pizza delivered from the pizza shop, and called it a night.


Mags said...

I LOVE that Lion King show too. I am glad you had the French Pastries. I always hit that one up when I lived down there. I preferred eating in Japan. Germany had a good buffet too. Ah, now I want to go back....I also loved the Canadian film they had in 360*. It would nearly make me cry when I lived in Florida making me miss the PNW. The Land is a great ride. It's inspiring what they do there.

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE Keaton's lion comment! LOLLLLL! :) Another great day!