Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Master Coop Extention

We felt that our chickens needed an extension built on to their little mansion, so last weekend The Husband built an addition, with the help of Keaton and myself.  We basically just added 8 feet of space into the length of their coop.  It's nothing fancy, but I think the ladies love their new space.

They continue to give us at least 4 eggs every day.  The kids have witnessed an egg being laid, also, and it fascinated them.  One of the eggs we got was twice the size of the others, and when we cracked it open, it had two yolks in it.
We are enjoying having chickens, and the kids are doing really well with the responsibility of feeding them and watering them.


Colleen said...

So fun! Go chickies!

Jane Routh said...

Glad you are enjoying your hens. I have 13 here in Greece plus one cockerel and love them although eggs are scarce right now due to the very hot weather!

Becky said...

Oh, Chickens are awesome! Yours look pretty nifty. Have fun.