Friday, August 24, 2012

Mr. Kimble's Antics

The stage Kimble is in right now makes me happy.  He is so fun to be around.  Here are a few things he has been up to lately.

Kimble insists on taking the stairs two at a time when I'm trying to get him upstairs, for whatever reason. Probably because he knows I'm in a hurry, so the little stinker goes as slow as he can.  I take his hand, and walk with him up the stairs, and he will stretch his short leg out as far as it will go, requiring me to give him a little boost in order to make it to that step, then he does the same with the other leg.  No matter how I try to trick him into just stepping onto the next step, he won't put any weight on his legs until he has reached the step he wants to step on.  So, I play his game, taking 4 minutes to get up a flight of stairs, or I pick him up and make quick work of the remaining steps.

He loves to snuggle with me, which makes me so happy.  He cuddles up in my lap or lies right next to me in the crook of my arm.  He gives me big hugs and tight squeezes, little kisses and big smiles.  I love it!

Kimble is getting much better with his speech.  He says please (pweese) and uses it in almost every sentence that he asks for something.  "Pweese suh foo, mamma (please some food, mamma); pweese I go; pweese uh-sigh (please outside); pweese dee-dah (please tv); pweese shoes and socks;  pweese peesa (please pizza...he loves to have pizza!).

Kimble just learned how to say OK and now everytime I hear him say "ok momma" it just makes me smile.  He also learned "home" and when I walk in the door, he'll say "You home, momma!" and then will give me a big hug.

Summertime schedules have hindered Kimble's naptime routine.  He normally goes right to his bed; I tuck him in and share some sweet little kisses with him; he gives me a hug and says "bye momma!" and then he closes his eyes; I leave his room and shut his door; he is asleep in minutes.  However, summer was busy and kids were playing loud and happy, which tempted him out of his room.  He gets up, sneaks out, and I have to put him back in bed repeatedly.  I had hoped he would  revert back to his old nap habits once the kids were in school, but it's still difficult to keep him in his room for nap time.  Now, after I put him in bed, I have to sit outside his door.  He gets up, turns the handle, opens the door, and sees me sitting there, preventing him from escaping.  Normally after about 20 minutes, he'll get back in bed and go to sleep.  The other day, I was sitting.  Waiting.  He tried to sneak out. When he saw me, he said "Oh no!  It Momma!  Hide!" and then he scampered back to his bed.  Love that sweet kid.  (This was a picture I took one day, after I came around the corner to find him out of his bed. He was sitting there on the couch, with his eyes scrunched close, like I couldn't see him being disobedient.)

He carries his blankie around all throughout the house.  Sometimes It's wrapped around him. Other times he drags it around  like Linus.  He loves his blankie.

He comes up to me and says "You right, momma".  I don't know where he got that, or if he even knows what it means, but when he says it, I believe he is the smartest of all my children.

Kimble still takes two medicines a day, at breakfast time, and doesn't give me any trouble taking them.  After all, he has taken them his whole life; he knows no different.  He takes aspirin to help keep his blood thinned and moving nicely through his heart, and he takes another medicine that helps release fluid from his lungs (especially important with all the re-routing his bloodflow has; it keeps him from getting fluid buildup which could lead to pneumonia.).

He likes to eat turkey sandwiches with mayo, cut in half.  As he's eating it, he gloops it on the roof of his mouth and makes loud squishing noises as he chews it.  He loves them, and asks for "more" (in sign language) all the time.

He likes keys.  Whether he is trying to unlock a door, or finding another place to shove them.  I'm so glad he didn't shove it in far enough to get electrocuted!

He calls his siblings "Dora".  That is their name.  Collectively or individually.  He'll see one, and say "Hi Dora!" or he'll come to me crying, complaining of something one of them did, and all I hear is "Dora" amidst all the gibberish words that he tries to say.  Then, yesterday, he was in the store with me, and saw another little kid. He said hi to her, then said "I Dora", as an introduction.  So he calls himself Dora too.  So cute.

"Right Here" he'll pat the space next to him, and want you to sit there.

If I ask him to do something, he'll pause, say "Um.................No." and then that's that. There is no changing his mind.

He tries to wear Keaton's cowboy boots all the time. They are way too big for him, but he loves them so much.  I've been on the lookout for "yee-haw boots" as Kimble calls them, and hope to find some in his size (7) soon.

Some days, Kimble will only drink out of the spray bottle I use when ironing.  He sprays the little mist into his mouth all day long.

If I tell Kimble "No", he'll continue what he's doing, but in extremely slow motion, and with a mischievous grin on his face, like I can't see him because he's moving so slow.

He now knows how to turn on my sewing machine. Before, he would just touch it and push the buttons, which don't do anything when it's off.  Now, he flips the little on/off button to turn it on, and then starts pushing buttons.  I'm dreading the day when he realizes what the little foot pedal does!

Kimble still calls tv "dee-dah" and he definitely has his favorite shows, and knows when he can watch them.

Kimble fake sneezes.  He'll say "Ah. Ah. Ah. Choo!" then he wipes his nose and gives a sigh.

Likewise, he fake snores.  He'll lie down, scrunch his eyes closed, then make loud nasal breathing sounds, complete with a noisy exhale that includes a slight whistle.

He loves to steal Keaton's cowboy hat. Good thing Keaton is so easy-going about letting Kimble wear it!

He still likes to act like a doggie.  He'll stick out his tongue, pant, and lick your arm (or face if you are unfortunate) and I always pat him on the head and say "Good doggie".

He loves to snuggle in our bed, but he has to be between The Husband and I.  He won't go to the side of us.  No matter if there's room or not, he wedges himself in, grabs his blankie, and says "oh yeah".

As of late, he refuses to eat dinner in his normal chair next to me. He moves over to sit on his daddy's lap, and won't take no for an answer.   He likes to pour water from daddy's drink, and eat the same sauce that daddy puts on his food (even if it is hot salsa).

Kimble is a rambunctious kid who always seems to have scrapes or bumps or bruises.  A few weeks ago, he was playing in the other room.  I heard a crash, a scream, and Kimble came running to me with a hole between his eyes. It looked like a puncture wound.  His mouth was also bloody.  I still don't know what he did to cause the wound, but I'm just glad he didn't poke his eye!

He likes to play on the stairs with the kids.  He and Kennedy have a racing-on-your-belly thing they do.  Well, he ended up falling down them and gave himself another black eye.

He loves to play outside, run around, be in his stroller, go in the car, jump in the water, eat ice, sneak food out of the pantry, wiggle incessantly when trying to have his diaper changed, take baths, play with his siblings, watch the chickens, do flips and cartwheels, jump off couches and chairs, and play with his dinosaurs, trains, and cars.


Shavonne said...

I love hearing about his antics and that he's such an active boy! Love you Kimble!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

He looks so much to me like Kolby. I love hearing about all the fun things he does. I love the phase kids go through when they close their eyes and think you cannot see them because they cannot see you. Lots of kisses to Mr. Kimble for me. Love you.

Jude said...

What great adventures he gets up to; same as all three of mine, but in one little boy!! I bet you're asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow every night. His lovely little face looks quite painful in that last photo - hope he's OK? And electric!!!! :o Luckily mine never touched sockets.... although the older brother and me once nearly electrocuted the younger brother - but that's another story! lol. Jude.x