Saturday, August 18, 2012

School Supply Shopping

I normally get panic attacks when it comes time to get every one's school supplies bought.  As much as I love boxes of crayons, smooth markers, crisp sheets of paper and sleek folders, I hate how much I have to purchase. The lists are overwhelming, especially when you combine four kids-worth of supplies.

As per tradition, I like to make note of the supply list, for historical purposes.  Here is the school supply list, compiled from what was on the 1st, 3,rd 5th, and 7th grade lists.  All together, this is what I was expected to buy.

4 (24 pack) boxes of crayons
5 boxes of colored pencils
3 packs of washable markers
3 wooden ruler
3 big pink erasers
210 sharpened pencils
9 fine point dry erase markers (3 black)
4 wide black dry erase markers
2 chisel tip (fat) black dry erase markers
22 blue or black pens
2 red pens
4 (4 oz) bottles of glue
10 large glue sticks
11 highlighters (2 green, 2 pink, 2 yellow)
11 spiral notebooks (70 sheets, wide ruled)
7 black composition notebooks
10 packs of notebook paper (wide ruled)
3 pairs of scissors (metal blade, Fiskar brand)
2 1" 3 ring binder
1 1.5" 3 ring binder
5 dividers
1 plastic pencil holder (3 ring)
2 black sharpies
1 small pencil boxes
16 pocket folders
2 packages of lined 3x5 notecards (100 each)
1 Trapper Keeper
1 pack multiplication flashcards
1 package of graph paper
1 flash drive
1 Spanish/English Dictionary (Larousse)

2 boxes sandwich size ziplock bags
1 box gallon size ziploc bags
1 bottle hand sanitizer
6 boxes of kleenex
1 package of baby wipes
4 large containers of disinfecting Lysol wipes

I bought the school supplies, but the classroom supplies I did not.  At least, not yet.  It was overwhelming (and pricey) enough to call it good for now.  Later in the year, I'll provide baggies, wipes, sanitizer, etc if the class needs it.

Here are the kids, as they got their supplies divided up.  They got out their backpacks (this is now the third year they've used their backpacks...except for Kennedy. I got the three backpacks at Costco and they are fabulous.  Great purchase, lasting this long!)

Keaton was super excited to get the trapperkeeper!!  Now they are all ready for school!


kdaygirl said...

We had to pay over $300 in school fees this year... Utah might be a good place to live but the schools charge a lot! Needless to sy the $20 donation the grade school asked for, I chose not to pay. I still have to buy all the kids supplies as well.

Jude said...

Phew! That must be so expensive? In the UK we don't supply that sort of stuff - the school does. And Dry-wipe markers!!! You supply the teachers supplies too? Wow! What I'm really curious about is what would happen if a family really couldn't afford to buy any of it? Jude.x