Friday, August 17, 2012

The Garbage Boy

In an effort to earn money (the wand-selling booth from the summer fizzled and died with a *poof*) Keaton came to me for help.  "What can I do to earn money?  I've seriously thought so hard about it and my brain hurts.  I don't think I can take much more thinking about this, mom!"

So I came up with a great idea for him, and Keaton jumped at the chance.  Together, we put together some flyers (to hang on people's doors if they weren't home) and some paperwork to sign up willing neighbors, and we also prepared a speech, which Keaton practiced and practiced to overcome his nervousness.  Then, after all that, we were ready to go door to door to ask our neighbors, if they wanted to employ Keaton: The Garbage Boy.

"The Garbage Boy"

Do you ever have trouble remembering to take your garbage to the street on your trash day?  Don't you hate having to squish two weeks of garbage into your trash dumpster, because you missed the garbage truck?  Let The Garbage Boy remember for you!  He'll solve all your trash problems.

The Garbage Boy will take your trash dumpster to the street in the morning of your trash day, and return it to your sideyard in the afternoon.  The fee is only $1 dollar per trash receptacle, per week.

Please call The Garbage Boy to schedule your pick-up day. ###-###-####

The above is what we wrote on the flyer.  Keaton had a great speech lined up, if he caught people at home.  Then, if they wanted to sign up, he had another sheet of paper that the homeowner filled out, which asked for their name, address, phone number, day of garbage pickup, where their trash bin was located, if holidays changed their trash days, and what day they wanted payment collected.

I went with Keaton as he walked around the block, door to door.  He was so nervous, but he managed to get two people to sign up.  Then he asked two other people from our church, who live a few blocks away, if he could do their trash. They accepted.

It's now been two weeks since Keaton started his job.  He has four houses that he does, all on Fridays, and leaves the house at 6:40am, with his bike, to get them done before he has to be at the school by 7:10.  After school is done, he hops back on his bike and does his route in reverse order to return the trash bins to the sideyards.

Keaton not only gets the garbage to the sidewalk, then back again after it's been emptied, but he also makes sure he closes the side gates when he's done, he picks up any trash he sees on the ground, and he puts the garbage bin nicely on the sidewalk so it's out of the way of the driveway.

Because two of his families have two trash cans, Keaton has earned himself $30 dollars for the month.  Ten percent will go to tithing (what we pay to our church) and he will put half of his earnings in his savings account for his church mission (for when he is 19 years old). 

This leaves him with 13 dollars a month (which is still pretty good).  Upon realizing he only has 13 dollars left over, he is now motivated to see if he can find any more customers on the next block over, to more than double his revenue.

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Jude said...

If only you lived closer to me..... I'd so pay £1 a week to have that service. Hope he manages to sign up other households. Have you thought about going back to the ones you didn't actually speak to? If I get a flyer through the door I rarely actually read it, but if I spoke face to face I would at least consider what is being offered? Just a thought...... Good Luck Keaton. Jude.x