Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who's A Big Chicken Now?

One of my friends was moving away, sadly.  She needed to find a home for her four chickens, and so I quickly jumped at the chance to have them!  Included in her offering was their chicken pen.  I just had to get it from her house to mine!

After a bit of time making phone calls, some friends offered us their old farm truck, to transport the hens and chicken coop to their new home.  Because it was a "stick", I was the lucky one to get to drive, while The Husband watched with humor as I maneuvered the ancient pickup the few miles or so from the farm to the house.  With an ignition that started with a pump of the gas and a push of a pin screw,  a clutch that stuck with every use, and no muffler or mirrors to be had, I made my way around the roads, giving a thumbs up to any onlooker to behold such a sight.

The chicken coop fit perfectly in the back of the pickup. I had such fun transporting it!

When we got it to the house, the kids were so excited about our new pets.  Mr. Kimble didn't know quite what to make of the noisy little creatures.  Finally, after a while of observation, he said, imitating a chicken "Boc boc boc, mamma!"

 This chicken, in the front, must be the dominate chicken. She sure does like to be the first at things:  Food, water, and trying to escape when you open the cage. She is also very free with her pecking, especially at my pinkies. Ouch!

It was dark once we got the coop set up, and the pickup returned to the farm. The boys tried it out, and deemed it a perfect arrangement for our new chickens.

Before we put them in, the kids all had a turn petting the chickens. They were pretty hesitant to touch them at first, but gradually warmed up to them.

We gathered the eggs that they had laid that day, at their previous home.  There were 7!

The next day, after learning how to feed and water them, they all got their turn at holding a chicken.  Kennedy was super excited!

Kennedy took this picture of me and Kimble. He wasn't so sure about the chicken.

After I gave Keaton a chicken to hold, and was trying to get one for Kolby, he got nervous and didn't want to hold one.  Instead, he gathered the eggs.  Four more!

 When Kamy came home from school, she had her turn to hold her chicken, who is the dominate one.  She named her Valentina.

We are a family with chickens now!  It's so fun.  I'm glad we got them.  I have fond memories of senaking into the chicken coop, when I lived on the ranch as a youngster, and gathering eggs, playing with the chickens, and getting chased by the big mean rooster.  I'm happy to have my kids exxperience just a bit of what I experienced, as a kid.


kdaygirl said...

That rooster had an unfortunate accident I believe? I am sure uncle Jerry thought he was delicious!

Jude said...

Oooo. Chickens! Fresh eggs every day! Jealous? Me? Yup! I'd love some chickens, but my house deeds specifically state that I can't.... :( - and one set of neighbours are the type who wold report me for keeping them if I did! One day we will move somewhere so that I can have some - it's on my 'bucket list'. LOL. Enjoy your breakfasts. Jude.x

Dan and Katie said...

You will have to let me know how it goes...I TOTALLY want chickens!