Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Bowl Too Big

I've always told the kids that when they eat their bowl of cereal in the mornings, that they need to use the small bowls. We got the kid-frirendly plastic bowls at Ikea and they are the perfect small size for morning cereal.   They can fill them up by pouring in about half a cup of cereal. Then they add milk, and it's a great amount for them to finish.  If they are still hungry, they can do a re-fill.  It's sorta like the Goldilocks and the three bears story.  We found a bowl size that was just right.  Now if they would only follow through.
Following this advice makes momma happy.  Do you know why?  Because I don't find entire bowls filled with milky-soggy cereal that have been thrown in the sink.  No more wasted milk and cereal. I can't take it.
So when I found a H.U.G.E. bowl filled with cereal and milk, I flipped out.  Kolby had poured half a box of cereal in the bowl, topped it with milk, then walked away without eating it.
So he got marched right back to the kitchen table, to finish his bowl of cereal.
It.Took.Hours....and he still wouldn't eat it.  Crying. Whining.  Drama. Threatenings. Punishments.  He only made it about halfway through before he dumped it when I left the kitchen to manage some other kids' problems.
The result?  He had to use his birthday money to buy a new box of cereal and a new gallon of milk, to replace what he wasted. Sorry Grandma.  He is thankful for the birthday money. Maybe next year he'll get to spend more of it on what he wants, rather than replacing wasted food.  However, I think it was a lesson learned.

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kdaygirl said...

Hahaha it's like I am in my house watching Leah finish a ginormous bowl cereal that I caught her getting ready to dump out. She had the choice of finishing the milk or being grounded from milk for 2 weeks (my kids LOVE milk and to them this is the worst punishment ever) and she sat there staring at the bowl for an hour. I told her it was just getting warmer and soggier. She finally finished it but not without some drama.
I was also tired of finding giant cups of milk poured with no owner that milk is now banned unless you are eating breakfast.
I hate milk being wasted because I love it!