Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Work In Progress

I'd really like to let you all think that I have perfect relationships with my kids.  I'd love for our life to be sunshine and daisies.  In actuality, I struggle to be happy and fun with them.  I dwell on the frustrations and the business and the worry of having five kids who have their own free will. 

I hate that my carpets are dirty with spots of food, ink, dirt, toothpaste and residue.   I go nuts when water is wasted, food is thrown away without being eaten, dinner is left out instead of getting put in the fridge, clothes are trampled over the floor of their room, towels are shoved in cupboards instead of folded and put away,  toys are left out on the sidewalk, cups and bowls are found under beds, pee is sprayed everywhere except in the toilet, etc etc etc.

So, I try not to let that ruin my day. I try to let my kids know I love them despite, regardless, and in lieu of all those things that frustrate me. I try to do things that I think they would like. Things I think would make them happy.  Things that will put them in a good mood so we all get get through the other day-to-day things that require work, patience and endurance.

On this day, I met them at the door, after school, with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies.  It's a start.


kdaygirl said...

I think all kids should greet their parents with cookies and milk (or in Na's case, water) and tell US how great we are!

Colleen said...

A plate of chocolate chip cookies always puts me in a good mood for the day too! :)