Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Denver Aquarium

We got the opportunity, as part of our Mended Little Hearts group, to go to the Denver Aquarium for an activity for all the members of our local chapter.  It was sponsored by some wonderful people who made the day extra special for all the heart families.
After we checked in, and while we were waiting for the catered lunch to be ready, we had some mermaids to visit with! The girls loved asking them all about how they were able to breathe under the water and use their tails to swim super fast.

There were two balloonists there who could make anything with a balloon.  It was crazy and impressive  all the animals and things they came up with.   They also made the balloon animals wearable, either across their body or on their heads. Each of the kids got to request a balloon animal.

 Mr. Kimble wanted a horsie.  I loved it!
Everyone enjoyed their balloon animals so much.  They certainly crowded our pictures, though!

There was also a sloth there, to touch and to feed.  Here is Kimble, debating whether he wanted to go for it.  When he is figuring things out, he puts his hands behind his waist, like in the picture.  He is so cute.

He eventually decided to go for it, and fed the sloth some lettuce leaves.

He was happy after that!

 We moved indoors, after  lunch, to see all the sea life they had there.  Kimble tried to share his sucker with the fish. Too bad the thick glass prevented this.

Kamy had her back to the glass when the sharks were roaming around. This one looked like it was coming right towards her!

There was a little bubble that you could pop through, to look like you were part of the aquarium. Keaton and Kolby demonstrated this fun offering.

We were pretty interested in the scary eel, who liked to sashay in and out of his giant shell.

We went outside after all that, and let the kids bounce around in the bouncy house. We took the opportunity to take a kidless picture!

 We went back inside and let the boys (and Kamy) take turns at climbing the big coconut tree.  Kamy and Kolby couldn't make it to the top, but Keaton did!

Lastly, before we went home, we watched a little 4D movie that they had, which resembled a rollercoaster.  The kids all loved it.

It was a really great day and a wonderful event that was put on for the heart families. We were so glad we were able to go.


Shavonne said...

I'm amazed at all the fun activities you do as part of the mended hearts group- I think it's really great to give families that opportunity!

kdaygirl said...

Did kami know that shark was checking her out? Yikes!