Sunday, September 9, 2012

Family Mudding

It's always nice when a family can enjoy a great clean and wholesome activity together.  Well, there was nothing clean about this activity!  After my Dirty Dash race, we had another race to do: The Piglet Dash!  I signed up all the kids to run the race, and Kolby especially was thrilled about it.  Here we are before my race, all clean and pretty.

While waiting for the race to begin, the race coordinators threw out these powder packets for the kids to smash up.  Kolby caught a few and had a great time smashing them up.

When the race began, I took off to capture pictures of Kamy, Keaton, and Kolby.  Here they are about to encounter their first mud pit.

Then I hung back to grab a few pictures of The Husband with Kennedy and Kimble.

After that, I bounced back and forth along the 1.5 mile piglet course, to get pictures of everyone. Notice the large man in the green dress...very interesting what people chose to wear!

At the end of the race was the big mud pool.  Everyone was playing in it.  I had such fun taking pictures of the kids. They all ended up swimming around in it like they were at the pool. It was crazy. Mud was flying everywhere.

Kimble and Kennedy didn't quite get into it as much as the other kids.  They were probably thinking we were crazy.

Finally, there was no more mud that could fit in our crevices. It was time to head home.  But before that, one last group picture at the mud pit, and then a finish line picture. 

The shirt behind Kamy says" I Love to eat mud".  I think the kids all ate their share of mud, for sure.  What a fun day.


kdaygirl said...

How did you get home without mud all over your car? And it looks like the kids mud race was muddier than the adults? I bet the kids were in heaven playing in all that mud!

Colleen said...

Sweet! What a fun family day! That family photo is a keeper. Hilarious! :)