Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Father/Son Campout

Last weekend was a Father/Son campout, through our church.  The boys were going to camp out at Turkey Creek, and although they were all excited, I think Kimble was the most anxious about "going bye-bye with Daddy".  He was all ready in his stolen cowboy hat, new boots that were sent to us by a friend (Thanks Katie!) and his outdoorsman vest. Yup. He was ready.
He even spent some time with the chickens, to prove how outdoor-sie he could be.

Finally, dad came home from work, and after gathering up a few things, they were ready to go camping!

Keaton and Kolby were just as excited to go camping!  They packed the car with a few blankets, pillows, changes of clothing (which The Husband said they wouldn't use), toothbrushes (which he also said they wouldn't use) and some stuff to make smores.  They opted to grab a pizza on their way out, and eat that instead of their usual spaghetti and meatballs hobo dinners I normally prepare for them.

I sent the camera with The Husband, to capture the happenings. This next picture is how they slept: all piled in the back of the Subaru, the four of them all snug as a bug.  Oh, and do you notice Kolby's dirty upper lip?  It's a combination of marshmallow goo and soda and whatever other treats he shoveled in all night.
 In the morning they sat around the campfire until breakfast was made.

Keaton held tight to his multi-tool and even found a few sticks to whittle away at.

I don't know what happened as to why Kimble is upset, but notice Kolby's upper lip, still encrusted with dirt and grime.  This is a perfect example of the difference in my idea of camping (still stay clean and neat and always wipe faces before pictures) and The Husband's idea of camping ( long as they are safe).

Mmm. Breakfast.  Kimble worked up an appetite!

After breakfast, they came home and took showers and naps.  The girls and I enjoyed a quiet night at home where they had rootbeer and brownies and they watched a movie in my bed with me.  Fun times all around.


Becky said...

Looks like they had a great time! I love Kimbles outfit.

Jude said...

I know I shouldn't but..... I had to laugh at Kolby's face in the photo of him and Kimble! :D My middle one used to look like that when he had to look after the younger brother. LOL. Jude.x

kdaygirl said...

They ALL slept in the van together? How crowded was that? Kolby looks like he was in trouble in the pic with Kimble.