Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Official Boy Scout Campout

Keaton became an official scout last weekend.  He moved up from a webelo to an 11 year old scout.  I'll post about that later, but right after his rank advancement, he joined the other 11 year old scouts for an overnight campout at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.
The Husband volunteered to help out some of the other leaders, so he joined Keaton in the overnighter.  They decided that it was such beautiful weather, that they slept outside beneath the stars.  They were in a perfect position, against a ridge with the mountains behind them, to see the sun rising in the west, over the Colorado plains.
While the other campers were still sleeping, Keaton and his dad headed off to hike some trails.  The other scouts had a 3 mile hike planned after breakfast, but our family had another outing we needed to attend, and so they would have to leave the campout early.  In order to get the hike in, they did it before breakfast.  I love this next picture.

They had a great time hiking around, and since they got up at 5 am, they had plenty of time to do it in.

I'm really glad they got an opportunity to spend some time together, and to celebrate Keaton becoming a boy scout!  However, he sure was zonked out after the late night, early morning, and the long hike.   He fell asleep before they even drove out of the park, while he was eating his apple.
Next weekend, they get to do it again, with Kolby and Kimble, for the Father/Son Campout.  I'm quietly planning an exciting evening with just the girls at home!

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kdaygirl said...

The way he was laying I bet he had the worst crick in his neck when he woke up! Early morning hikes are the best, it's not so hot out and the world seems quiet