Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mud Mud Everywhere

I signed up for The Dirty Dash back in April, I think.  It is a 3.5 mile course that is riddled with mud pits, obstacles, water slides, tunnels, and crazy people dressing up in ridiculous costumes, all to make running a bit more entertaining.  I signed up with three other friends, and we became Team Crazy.
The day before the race, we pulled together some outfits (via Goodwill) and went with an '80s theme.
 We started off the race together, but about halfway through, we got separated into two groups. Brittany and I finished the course in about 45 minutes. We were muddy, but not as muddy as I thought we would be....or as muddy as the people in the background picture displayed on the side of the bus.
 As soon as Bree and Maggie were done, we took our after picture.

Overall, my thought on the race were mixed.  I loved the idea. I loved the obstacles.  I really enjoyed playing in the mud.  That being said, those things were few and far between.  I thought the course would be littered with those muddy trials, but instead, we ran a good quarter of  a mile, then hopped over some fences, then ran another third of a mile, before we hopped over tires, then after another long mile, was a small mud puddle to walk it was sparse.
Maybe it would have been prettier if it was surrounded by green trails and trees. We were out in the plains, with a lot of sand, hills, no shade, and nothing pretty about it.  Maybe that was the difference.
However, I plan on doing it again next year. More mud!  Bring it on!


kdaygirl said...

If thats the picture on the bus and that is what you guys looked like at the end, then I deffinatly say more mud is needed!
It sounds like a lot of fun other wise, maybe I will try ours here.

Colleen said...

I think you are right, it's hard to get some good mud going here in dry Colorado. Glad you had a blast! You look great!