Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rank Advancement

We had a big cubscout meeting a few weekends ago.  Both boys earned their weight in badges, pins, beltloops and arrow points.  First up, Kolby advanced from Wolf to Bear.

 Most of the evening was spent focusing on Keaton and his four other buddies who earned their Arrow of Light award (comparative to the Eagle Scout award, but for cubscouts). This is a big deal with cubscouts, and is the last great thing they can earn before moving on to be an official scout.

Keaton was awarded his Webelo badge, associated pins and beltloops and arrow points, as well as his Arrow of Light.  It was a special night for Keaton, and we were super proud of his accomplishments, and very much grateful to his leaders, who made it happen.  Great job Keaton!


kdaygirl said...

Well done boys! The girls have YW in excellence soon and Lizzie will get her medalion and I am hoping her BEE!

Colleen said...

Yay boys! What great accomplishments!