Thursday, September 27, 2012

Surgery Delayed

It's been a week since Kimble's heart cath.  I've been anxiously waiting for the results of his doctor's discussion.  Late yesterday afternoon, I got the call I've been waiting for, and the news I was hoping for.  The surgery is cancelled!!

After discussing everything, our team of doctors concluded that Kimble's heart isn't functioning at a high enough level required to do the Glenn reversal surgery that they were tentatively planning for.  Just as Dr. Fagan mentioned to us after Kimble's cath, the tests verified that although Kimble's right heart has grown significantly since birth, and even more since his last surgery when he was 7 months old, it still isn't within the limits needed to pump his entire blood supply.  This is largely due to his faulty tricuspid valve.

The valve isn't capable of letting enough bloodflow through from the right atrium and into the right ventricle.  The valve is compared to a doorway, and it's leaflets compared to doors.  First off, the doorway is small and narrow and limiting.  Secondly, the doors don't open and close properly.  Third, the hinges and fittings are either missing or are so dysfunctional that they won't work.  That's what Kimble's tricuspid valve is like.  So the amount of blood needed just isn't getting through to the right ventricle.  That is why the right ventricle didn't form en utero, and that is also why the pulmonary valve didn't form.

The question was debated whether our surgeon could help the tricuspid function better, and the answer is no. At least, not at this time.  There may be something we can do in the future, but at this time, it cannot be fixed surgically.

If Kimble was struggling with heart healthiness right now, then his team of doctors would have figured out something else that they could do for him. However, Kimble is robust and healthy and energetic and happy.  So they are following the rule of thumb that states "If its not broken, don't fix it."  By trying to eliminate the result of "messing up a good thing", his doctors have chosen to just sit tight.

In conclusion, Kimble is doing well and is stable.  For now.  His next appointment will be in six months (the longest we have ever gone between visits) and at that time. we will do more tests and see what they prove.

Kimble is not done with surgeries.  His heart is not normal functioning. He is still stable and life-threatening.  This decision only concludes that he isn't immediately ready for the next surgery.  He needs more time to grow.  His heart needs more time to grow.  Pressures need to come down, and heart function needs to improve.

What this means to me, is that I get to have more snuggles, without the stress of going through another surgery at this time.  This also means, that we can work on Mr. Kimble learning how to make his smiles look like happy grins, instead of crazy cheesy psycho looks!


Katie Reng said...

I can feel your relief in your words. Snuggle up, and enjoy the holiday season.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Awesome news. I can only imagine the huge wave of relief this is for you. For now. Blessings for continued growth and strength! (My nearly 3 year old has the same psyco "happy" face face.)

Becky said...

So glad he doesn't have to have another surgery soon. Enjoy!

kdaygirl said...

He looks like he is growling at the camera! Yay for the time being! Love you Mr Kimble!

Colleen said...

Joy!!!! So glad for six wonderful, sweet, precious more months before the next step. So thankful for that happy boy and his psycho cheese face that is just like Tom's. :)

Jude said...

Good news for now. Happy that you all get lots of snuggles to look forward to. I love his psycho cheese smile. :D Although I guess happy grins will look better in photographs - but don't "do away" with the psycho smile completely please! Jude.x

courtney said...

Go Kimble, keep on growing buddy! Get really strong and big! Here's to many many more cheesy crazy grins!