Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Facebook Edition: August

Kimble decided to pee in the potty today. Although I've always had my kids potty trained close to their 2nd birthday, Kimble's had some developmental delays and so we haven't even thought about potty training him, especially with another heart surgery coming up in a few months that'll destroy all progress by being bed-ridden. But I guess I'll let him decide what he wants to do. For today, at least, he is wearing some big boy panties and we have his little potty chair out.

Keaton really wants to start earning money. I suggested to him to be "garbage boy" and develop a schedule of all the days the trash companies do pickups, and offer to take neighborhood people's garbage can to the street in the morning, and return to their sideyard in the afternoon. A dollar charged per day of service, done on a weekly schedule. Would that work? I think I'd like it. I hate it when I forget to bring the garbage to the street, and miss a whole week.

Kamy is registered for 7th grade! I really should wait for the registration make-up day every day. Just walked in, filled out some paperwork, and left with no waiting. Nice.

I'm brilliant tonight. After dealing with Kolby stealing boxes and boxes of fruit snacks and fruit rollups from our food storage, I decided if he couldn't stay away from them, I'd have to make them a bit less appealing. So, I made a super yummy dinner that Kolby loves, but instead of enjoying it with us, he got a fruit rollup. Want seconds? Fruit rollup. Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow? Fruit rollup.  Kolby absolutely hated being forced to eat a fruit rollup (he already ate two boxes this afternoon, which is what brought on the punishment) and is currently sulking in his bedroom, saying things like "It'll be a hundred million years before I get yummy food again." Lesson learned? I hope so.

I take a nap, and the kids turn the house into a dump. Nobody come over until my house looks like my house again.

Overheard Keaton saying to Kolby: "Can you stop breathing! It's bugging me!"

Having four kids in the school means getting four of the same automated messages everytime the school sends out an announcement. Four phone calls. Four emails. The Husband gets four as well. Plus, we get four copies of the same papers, when they are in school. There could be a better way to do that, eh? Yeah.

Went to six stores today, each with their own lists of what I was getting on sale, and had my coupons organized for them as well. Got the weeks worth of groceries, plus food storage deals, plus school supplies (that always brings on a panic attack...the required list is always so long!) and now it's done. Whew! I'm exhausted.

Kennedy grabbed the skin under my biceps, squeezed a bit, and said "hmmm...chubby." I don't think I can be accountable for that little bit of "chubby" extending its reach into a bop on the mouth, now can I?

I'm completely out of baking soda. How did that happen?

Got rained out of the farmer's market. Now all my stuff is hanging indoors, line drying. Bummer.

Ah. The first day of school grumpiness that can only come from getting to wake up early even though they refused to go to sleep when I sent them to bed last night, not from excitement, but from attitudes of "but I won't be tired!".

Did you know that baby cucumbers are poky, like a cactus, when they are little and growing? I didn't. Thought I was growing some mutated cactus.

Kids home from first day of school with hugs and "I missed you momma!". Ah. Some separation is good for the soul.

...that moment when you go to grab a diaper out of the basket, and realize there's nothing left but swim diapers. Wanna go swimming Kimble?

Keaton began his first day as "garbage boy". He had four houses that had Friday garbage days, and he accomplished this before 7:15 am school time. I'm happy that he found a little job to earn money, and hope he can get more customers. He takes people's garbage cans to the street, and returns them to their side yards. 1 buck per container, per week.

"Pweese, momma!" Kimble sure knows how to get whatever he wants.

Kolby was stuck in his room (he needed to clean it before he was let out) and he sneakily asked Kimble to bring him down some food. Kimble came down the stairs, laboriously carrying a big package of corn tortillas. Probably wasn't what Kolby was expecting.

We have chickens!

Kimble fell in our window well today. He was fine and was standing there crying when we pulled him out. It's something we've feared would happen and I'm so glad he was ok. It could have been bad!!

Kimble hands me the peanut butter, says "ee honey, mamma" (with honey, mamma) and when I start to make it, he wiggles his hips, turns in a circle, and says "oh yeah! oh yeah!"

Keaton and Kolby both wanted to be in choir. They meet daily after school for an additional hour. I'm happy they get to share their sweet little soprano voices with everyone.

Our chickens all lay eggs in the same nest. It's impressive that they have mastered the turn taking. Something my kids still need to learn!

I re-sewed a button onto The Husbands' favorite pair of shorts. But before he thanks me, he should know that I used pink thread.

Mr. Kimble took my phone and hid it somewhere. Even he has no idea where it is, when asked. Sad.  Later, I found it in my sewing desk drawer.

"Mom, I'm pretty sure eating large amounts of cinnamon causes death; I'm just not sure why." Keaton, after eating cinnamon-infused pancakes for dinner. "But the pancakes were delicious!"

Pretty sure it's no coincidence that it's always Kolby's toothbrush that goes missing.

"I'm going to ask the tooth fairy for 50 bucks!" says Kennedy. I couldn't help but snort as I laughed.

I've been blogging for five years!

Kennedy said sadly "Momma, my teacher fired me from being leader of the table." I told her that perhaps with a new week, it was just another student's turn. She felt much better after that.

Spontaneously switched kids to different bedrooms. Kamy and Kolby now share a room, and Keaton and Kennedy in the other. Hope this resolves so much dispute that has been happening.

"Uh-oh! It Momma! Hide!" Kimble said, after trying to sneak out of his room at nap time, when he saw me sitting outside his door. Then he shuts his bedroom door and scampers back to his bed.

I'm going to make homemade laundry soap today and save myself a million dollars. Well, maybe not a million, but based on how much laundry I do, I'm sure to save tons!

The Husband took Kimble to the park, to play. While there, he noticed a couple making out on a nearby bench, getting more and more involved. Hello? Go find a tree to hide behind or a car to park on a deserted road. Not a playground

Our hot water heater decided to bust its pipes and leak last night. Need to get a new one, and a new regulator. Good thing The Husband discovered it last night, after everyone had gone to bed, or we would have had much more flooding than we did. Sopping wet towels. Fans blasting. Cold showers. Thanks Scott Mayfield for coming to our rescue late last night!

Kennedy: "Momma, when I grow up, I want to either be an artist, or a dino-hunter."

I need to regularly look through my pinterest boards and actually do some of the great things I've pinned. I was looking at one of my boards, and forgot they were mine, and started pinning them. Duh..already have them!

Kennedy and Kimble are having the best time playing in the box that the new hot water heater came in. Yes, sweet kids...I spent 338 dollars on a box for you to enjoy.

A bit sad I have to get out of my pajamas so we can take Kolby out for some birthday fun. Gotta look like I'm a functional mom, afterall.

Keaton: "No offense mom, but you're being a lot more fun than you normally are." said as we were celebrating kolby's birthday.

Upon waking the kids this morning, I found Kennedy sleeping in the box that housed the hot water heater, like a vampire would sleep in a coffin. She seemed quite happy there.

Walmart lets you try on swimsuits, but they wouldn't let me try on a pair of workout shorts. That's just wrong.

Overheard Kamy telling someone about how another friend is a vegetarian and the only meat she has every really craved is fried chicken. He said "Why fried chicken? There are so many other meats that are better." Kamy replied "I hot dogs!" I totally gagged...and should ground her from food for having such a disgusting and limited palate.

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