Sunday, September 9, 2012

Turning 9

Kolby turned 9 years old.  He was very happy to have his birthday, and we all knew exactly when it was, based on his daily countdown from the beginning of August.  He requested to bring some cookies in to his class, so they could celebrate his birthday.  At the end of the day, he brought some cookies back home, which Kimble couldn't keep from eating them all as fast as he could, before we caught him.

Normally we let the birthday kid choose their food for the day, and what they want for their dessert.  Instead, we told Kolby that he wouldn't have to make those choices. Instead, we had a surprise for him.  I wanted to make it a fun day for Kolby; I mean, I really wanted it to be special for him, and show him that I'm happy he is in our family. So I thought about things that Kolby would like to do.  So after school, when The Husband got home from work, we took our family picture (one regular and one silly) and then headed out for some fun!

We made our way first to the dollar theater, to see a movie.  The kids shared a large popcorn, which got refilled once, and they all loved the show.
Next, it was dinner time, so we asked Kolby where he wanted to eat.  "McDonalds!" he replied, so off we went.  While they played and played in the playland (something we usually don't do because of all the germs) we ordered up some burgers and fries.  When they were done sliding down tunnels, they came and joined us for some food (after they sanitized!).

The next surprise for Kolby was for dessert. We went to Yo Yogurt and he filled his cup with frozen yogurt and toppings. Because he was the birthday boy,we didnt' have to pay for his yogurt.  Nice!  (I took a picture but somehow it didn't actually take.)
After all of that, it was time to head back home. Kolby declared it the best day ever, and even Keaton kept saying how it was the best birthday party he'd ever been to. I'm glad he enjoyed it so much.  Next up, we sang to him and he opened  his presents!
Kolby got a scouting belt, a new neckerchief, and a cubscout book to go with his bear rank.  Then, came his big present:  A rip stick, and safety guards (hand, elbow, and knee) to go with it.
 He tried it out a bit, in the back yard, before we called it a night.  He's been practicing and practicing it, and has gotten better every day. He loved it, and he loved his birthday day.


kdaygirl said...

Annika bought a rip stick at a yard sale and practically lives on the thing! I hope Kolbers picks it up as fast as Anni did.
Happy Birthday Kolby!

heleen said...

My daughter got her ripstick when she was 13. She is 16 now and still loves it. It's a nice wayto excercize

Nancy said...

Rip sticks are so hard!! I tried for an hour one day and I still couldn't get it going!