Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Heroic Tale

Once upon a time, there were two young brothers who liked to do normal boy things.  They played in the park, climbed trees, fought with sticks and dug in the dirt.  However, they had big dreams of what they wanted to become: Superheroes.
With these thoughts  fresh in their mind, they laid down for an afternoon nap.  Just two boys, with big heroic dreams....(begindreamsequencenow)

Curse that Evil Villain!  He tied sweet Bonnie Lou to the railroad tracks!  Poor thing is so helpless.

 In utter despair, she let out a cry for help.  "Help!"  Circling overhead, Johnny Rocket heard her plea while using his super hearing.  He swooped in to see what the trouble was.

"Why hello there.  What seems to be the problem, ma'am?"
She replied with a sigh of relief "Oh Johnny, I mean...Mr. Rocket, sir...I seem to have gotten myself into a predicament.  Please help set me free!"

 "I'll just use my bulging muscles to tear this rope right off you!"

 "Oh Johnny!  You saved me!"
"Why ma'am, it's not only my duty as a superhero, but it's also my pleasure."

A few hours later, as Johnny was watching over the neighborhood, he spotted Bonnie Lou and noticed that she had gotten herself into another pickle.  That cursed Evil Villain had struck again!  "I might need some help with this one", he muttered to himself.  So with their mind link, he contacted his brother, Benny Bolt, and explained the situation.  "She's stuck again?" Benny Bolt said.  "Bless her heart."

"Oh Benny Bolt!  Is that you?" Bonnie Lou was so happy to see him.  In no time at all, he got the ropes free, for he also had super-bionic-extra-strong muscles. 

 "I'd hate to think you went out of your way to save little 'ole me," Bonnie Lou said.
"Quite alright, ma'am.  Tis my duty as a superhero" replied Benny Bolt, and he carried her to safety.

 And so the three enjoyed a quiet afternoon keeping Bonnie Lou out of  trouble. 
However, the moment Johnny Rocket and Benny Bolt excused themselves to go save an innocent kitty that was stuck high in the treetops, Miss Bonnie Lou found herself once again, in danger's evil grip.

 "Bonnie Lou!"  The boys could only shake their heads in disbelief at how often she found herself the unfortunate recipient of the Evil Villain's attention.  Working together, they quickly set her free (again).

Since Bonnie Lou enjoyed flying so much, they took the opportunity to cruise around the city, flying high overhead, while keeping a keen eye out for the Evil Villain. 

 The End.
Special considerations go to...
Sharon Carpenter: props, poses, and patterns, situational confrontations
Shaina Nunnelly: photography, cinematography, patterns, supplies, storyline
And for your viewing pleasure, some behind-the-scenes bloopers.

(You will be happy to know that Johnny Rocket and Bonnie Lou have found a loving home to dwell in safety from the Evil Villain.  Still at risk of capture, is super hero Benny Bolt.  He is available for purchase upon inquiry, as well as an assortment of lovely female damsels in distress.)


Patti S. said...

You are so creative!!! I bet you come up with some awesome bedtime stories! Kinda reminds me of the stuffed animals I used to use to tell my Bible stories during Sunday School, but yours are so much fun!!!

Jen said...

Those are super cute and what a great little story.

Crystal said...

I would love to know how much one of these cost! My daughter is getting into the play stage with her toys finally and is big into the princess and doll stuff!

shaina said...

Crystal, the girl dolls are 35 dollars and the boy doll is 40 dollars.

Joolz said...

Ha, that was so entertaining! But can I just say... I think you have waaaay too much time on your hands!!
No, just kidding, it was fantastic!