Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Season Comes To An End

I've been busy since June, sewing and making cute things for my farmer's markets (and is the biggest reason for my blog not getting updated as much as I would like).  Last weekend was my last market of the season.  It was a bit cold that morning, so it was good to know it was the last one.  A long and busy season had come to an end, and I was ready for it.
Not that I have a break quite yet. I have three holiday craft fairs to attend during November, and one in December. I hope these shows result in a lot of inventory being sold.  It sure helps our budget every month!  Since I sew and sell my goods because we need to, not because it's simply for fun, a lot depends on the success of these craft fairs.
Above, you see 10 dolls I made last week.  They are so cute and definitely more adorable in person.  I also make headbands, like  the one I'm wearing in the next picture, and other hair accessories, baby bibs, toys, blankets, bags, purses, aprons, and I'm always adding more  things.
My friend, Jen, whom I met at the beginning of the summer, has been sharing my booth all season, and she makes her own items to sell.  Her flower button arrangements are so cute, and we've had a great time with each other's companionship.  Definitely a true friend, Jen is.

Wish me luck as I continue to sew hard these next few weeks, in anticipation of some great holiday markets.

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